What makes Call Sumo different?

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Call Sumo was originally designed for the Dental industry. But with much advancements we now integrate into most customer management systems to automate the process of classifying the phone calls. This means that unlike other call tracking services, to record the phone calls coming in, you don’t have to sit there and listen to [...]

Are the people confused by the different numbers?

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Call Sumo adds a code to your website in order for phone numbers to dynamically swap in real time to match the online marketing channel the visitor of your website came from. So if a visitor reached your website through Facebook, your website will show the unique Call Sumo tracking number assigned to Facebook as a call [...]

Do I have to listen to the calls?

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You don’t absolutely have to listen to each call your business received, but we highly recommend you listen to some of them so you can have a better idea of how your marketing is going. Because Call Sumo's smart call tracking system automatically marks existing and new customers based on data from your customer management system, [...]

Will my current marketer work with it?

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Call Sumo originated from a successful marketing company and we’ve had a lot of marketing agencies express an interest in using our smart system. We offer our services to both agencies and individual businesses. Good marketers want to know how well their marketing efforts are doing and our system saves our clients a lot of time [...]

How does the website tracking work?

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Our website tracking is pretty cool if we do say so ourselves. We try not to get in the way of users, so if you want to track people coming from different sites such as Yahoo or Google, with Call Sumo's Dynamic Number Insertion feature, tracking numbers are switched on the fly based on where [...]

What is Call Tracking?

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Call tracking is a fairly ubiquitous technology. Companies big and small use different phone numbers for different advertising campaigns. For example, if you’re advertising on an expensive billboard in the middle of downtown, or doing a radio advertisement, television or newspaper ad, or advertising on the web, you would want to know how each [...]