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Who is Call Sumo?

We love to work and we love where we work!

We are a team of professionals who love what we do and who we do it with. That’s our team members, partners and of course, our awesome customers!

About Us

Call Sumo is the a comprehensive and intelligent call tracking software. Call Sumo utilizes cutting edge Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to give businesses unparalleled actionable insights into their Marketing, Sales and Operational Call Data. By utilizing CallSumo, businesses which have a significant phone interactions with customers can leverage modern marketing and optimization technologies in the same way e-commerce enabled businesses can. From automated ROI analysis to Sentiment Analysis, CallSumo can add effortless, critical insights and recommendations, to business leaders and strategists.

Founded by former NASA engineers, CallSumo takes pride itself in providing technologies that are highly reliable and cutting edge. CallSumo has been rapidly expanding into new markets and verticals, with an emphasis on Healthcare with offices in San Jose, CA and Melbourne, FL.

Meet The Team

Ahmed Reza
Ahmed RezaFounder & CEO
Ahmed started his career building image processing software for NASA before diving into the startup world & getting bitten by the bug. After successful stints at 3 startups that were acquired he started looking at solving problems for some friends who seemed to be tackling an intractable problem of marketing. He started applying Machine Learning to call data and analytics before creating the current analytics startup. While the technology is solid, Ahmed is most proud of the team that has consistently punched well beyond its weight and made the impossible happen.
Paige Redmon
Paige RedmonVP of Business Development
Paige met Ahmed years back when working with a local business incubator and volunteering for startup weekend while attending Florida Institute of Technology working on her Masters degrees. Before Call Sumo Paige worked as a Business Development executive in the pharmaceutical and HealthIT industries. She initially was in a consulting role and felt she was more in her element at a fast-paced startup. She believed in the product & loved seeing customers who were thrilled with Call Sumo. She soon joined the team & started trekking from coast to coast working with customers & partners of Call Sumo.
Aaron Bartos
Aaron BartosDirector of Customer Success
Aaron met Ahmed at Cornell where they used to hack computers together & spend time geeking out on technology. He joined the company early when Ahmed needed a generalist & geek to keep all the leads in the company in check. From programing to SEO he has done it all. Aaron even played the “Sumo” at trade shows to show the “can do” attitude that has been valuable to the startup.
Delana Cooper
Delana CooperOperations Manager
Delena has been involved with startups & the startup scene since her college years. She has received a dual Masters degree in Business Administration and Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Florida Institutional of Technology in 2014. After graduating & receiving offers from many businesses she chose to join our startup as it would put her skills to the best use. Delana has managed client success and operations while being a super mom, she even finds time to go hiking with the family on workdays.
Tajul Islam
Tajul IslamQualitative Marketing Analyst
Tajul earned his MBA & subsequently started and worked on small business for most of his career. He currently coordinates call analysis & data analysis teams to ensure smooth operations between development & Business.
Ameena Reza
Ameena RezaHuman Resource Manager
Besides playing CFO in the early days, she is the closet to a co-founder at the company. Ameena has two nursing degrees with a specialization in psychology. She currently heads up the people department & is the cheerleader for the team.
Judy Aposaga
Judy AposagaQuality Marketing Analyst
Judy has a background in Psychology & is the seventh employee to have started with the startup. She is a keen observer of human behaviour & as such enjoys the analytics for Facebook, Google Adwords and other marketing channels.
Maui Pineda
Maui PinedaMarketing Analyst
Maui has a bachelors degree in Information Technology. Maui currently works as a Researcher and Analyst for Google Adwords and Call Automation.
Tanvir Hassan
Tanvir HassanWeb Developer
Tanvir develops websites and takes care of the DevOps tasks. He is WordPress expert and has the ability to customize WordPress Themes. He is devoted to his job to make sure the development process runs frequently. Tanvir is completing his graduation from The National University of Bangladesh.

Tanvir has a vast experience to work with different CMS, frameworks and servers. During his free time, he spends his time with his family and likes to play cricket.

Christine Arevalo
Christine ArevaloMarketing Analyst
Christine works as a Call Analyst and Graphic Designer. She is a late bloomer graphic artist. She didn’t know she had the talent until she reached college. She used to dream about being an accountant but faith lead her to being a graphic artist when she didn’t pass the qualifying exams. After graduating college, she wanted to help her family expand their family business wherein she became their souvenir tee designer. She has since been contented on what she is doing until Maui offered her the job. Right now she wanted to learn, develop and expand her given skills on designing and to not limit herself on what she can and cannot do. On her free time, she loves to travel with her friends and family, and explore places she haven’t been to.
Elena Millones
Elena MillonesMarketing Analyst
Elena has a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. Currently, she works as a Call Analyst and handles Local Optimization. She is keen on finishing her work everyday. During her free time, she loves to hit the karaoke machine and sing her hearts out with her family
MicahMarketing Analyst
Micah holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology. She works as a Call Analyst wherein she listens and scores agent calls in order to provide feedback for coaching, which assists with employee’s development and customer satisfaction. Micah also manages the Social Media Marketing which administers and delivers all social media activities for clients and internal social media including advertising the company’s business.
BraydonSoftware Engineer
After successfully launching and running his own startup, Braydon joined the CallSumo team to gain experience and offer design expertise. He brings strong leadership and technical skills that strengthen teams and drive project excellence. In his free time, Braydon loves playing basketball and spending time with his Wife and Son.

Our Advisors

Keith Donald
Keith Donald
Dr. Edward Zuckerberg
Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

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