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Our powerful call tracking software works great for dentists. Our unique abilities to sync calls with existing patient data, we provide more actionable, detailed data. Before you even pick up the phone , you will already know if the caller is a potential new patient, which marketing source the came from, and what the caller is likely calling about.
When is comes to reviewing the calls, your existing patients are automatically filtered out so we only listen to the calls that matter to marketing efforts: new patients and new leads. Tracking your calls enables you to go back and reference them whenever you’d like. Now you can find out why that new lead didn’t become a new patient of yours!

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Key Features:

Integrates With Your PMS!

Our smart call tracking software integrates with most PMS systems. This allows us to identify calls as possible new patients or existing patients.

Focus on The Only Calls That Matter

After having automatically filtered out calls from current prospects and marketers, we listen to the calls from leads and new prospects.

Track ALL Marketing (not just Online)

Our software allows you to track all online and offline marketing efforts such as print, e-mail campaigns, social media, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), etc.

Did you know?

Businesses lose tens of thousands of dollars in potential income when they let calls go to answering machines. On average, 30% of calls go to voicemail, of which 80% of callers’ hang-up and do not leave a message. With Call Sumo, you can identify and give priority to calls from potential new prospects!

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