Identify Prospects Instantly


Instantly Identify

The Call Sumo Caller ID can instantly identify the caller’s phone number and which advertisement brought them in with a pop up on your office computer screen even before your phone rings. In some markets like Dentistry, the Call Sumo Caller ID can tell you if the incoming caller is an existing patient or a potential new patient. Our smart system matches up existing customer data to who is calling, so it knows if it the call is someone new or someone it already knows.


Instantly Rate

Your front desk can instantly rate Call Sumo calls as a good lead or a bad lead. Rated calls instantly feeds back into our smart system and ultimately back to Google because of our Google integrations. The system then learns and will remember. So, if an unwanted marketer is repeatedly calling you and you start rating the calls as bad leads, the system will know the next time, and when the marketers call again you can choose to ignore that call.


Instantly Know

Through your Call Sumo dashboard, you will instantly know if you had a good or bad call because of your front desk’s ratings. If it was a bad call, you can go back and listen to what made it a bad call. You can also instantly know if you missed any calls while your front desk is unavailable and choose to call that person back to eliminate missed opportunities.

Get Caller Information Before The Phone Even Rings


Customer Calls

A customer sees your advertisement from one of your marketing channels and calls the Call Sumo tracking number which forwards to your office. Before the phone even rings, the front office will know who is calling and from which advertisement they are calling from. Makes you better prepared to handle the call.

Pop-up on Your Computer

The Call Sumo Pop-up includes a lot of useful information. As it pops-up before the phone rings, you have time to look over information. Is it a new or existing customer calling, which advertisement they calling from, or if they are a marketer who had previously called you.

Rate The Call

Once you hang up the phone you will know if it was a good call or a bad call and now you can share that information with our smart system. Call Sumo learns from your feedback, so the next time a marketer or another office calls, you will know and can choose to ignore less important calls if you are busy.


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