Conversion Tracking

Know which marketing channel gives you the most conversions.

Track conversions, sales or revenue for every call

There are two ways you can listen to calls and track conversions with Call Sumo. First, through Call Sumo‘s call log interface using a web browser to listen to calls and easily mark which became a conversion. Another option is to use a post-call survey to enter conversion data at the end of the call by using your mobile. It only requires pushing a few keypresses to indicate whether the call you (or anyone you authorize) listened to has converted.

If your office already has an existing CRM, Call Sumo integrates with Salesforce and other CRM systems enabling users to enter their sales data into other management tools.

Best of all, you can opt to automatically receive real-time data for every Call Sumo account user and advertising channel. The real-time notification includes number and rate of conversions and total revenue amount.

Tagging and scoring allows
you to classify calls for reporting

After every call, users assign a star rating in the call log interface to allow management to track call quality and recognize which areas need improvement. The tagging feature enables users to separate calls into location, product line, stage, and other lead qualities according to your standards. Now you can easily filter your calls according to tags that you previously defined or choose to enable Speech Analytics to tag and score each call automatically.



Uncover predictable patterns
with speech analytics

Speech Analytics when enabled, analyzes transcriptions of calls to identify patterns and keywords. You can request the system to tag and score calls in a manner you determine to help you organize them by ratings. As you begin to identify call patterns, you can opt to send text or email alerts to management. This automated analysis provides organized reporting that you can filter by conversions, call quality, product line, or tone of call.

Send information about calls
and conversions to Google
AdWords and Analytics

We understand that you need to see conversion rates as they relate to your call extension ads and PPC. Call Sumo integrates with Google AdWords and Analytics sending every call AdWords and Analytics tied to the right ad group, campaign, click, and keyword. When your users mark calls as conversions through Call Sumo, the data gets sent back to Google Adwords and Analytics. Actual conversion figures and high-quality calls depend on accurate tracking of conversions that happened in Google.



ROI Reporting gives you
a complete picture

You can find every performance metric in a single location with Call Sumo‘s ROI reporting. This gives you an accurate picture of the performance of every user and advertising channel. Our platform tracks volume of calls, revenue amounts, and conversion rates to calculate individual ROI scores for every channel. As a smarter business owner, now you can optimize the money you spend on advertising.


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