What is Call Sumo? How does it work?

Call Sumo is the essential tool to improve your business and marketing. We literally add intelligence to your existing phone system no matter how old it is. This allows you to take advantage marketing techniques that fortune 500 companies use all the time.

For Example

Bob runs his own business. But Bob has a problem, he is doing marketing but doesn’t know which marketing is bringing him new customers, or which marketing people are calling from. Bob is advertising his business on a billboard, newspaper and, an online ad. So Bob starts with 3 Call Sumo numbers, all of which forward to his office phone.

People See Your Ads and Start Calling

Let’s say, Fred picked up the Sunday paper and decided to call, Judy drove by a Billboard with your ad on it and called, and Drew found your information on an online ad and decided to call. When a person calls in from one of the Call Sumo numbers, Bob knows where they saw his business advertisement. We’ll know where each one of them called from. Better yet, every call is recorded so you’ll know exactly what happened on the call.

All Call Sumo Calls Trigger The Caller ID

At this point Bob might be thinking, it’s nice to know after the fact which marketing it working, but what if you’re running different specials on each marketing and would like to handle the calls differently? Well, Call Sumo’s Smart Caller ID system can let you know where an incoming call is coming from even before you answer the phone. Put it all together and you have a powerful smart system that can ensure you get a bigger bang for your marketing dollar, you’re handling new customer calls properly & identifying issues that are preventing your business from getting more customers.

Call Sumo + Marketing = More Customers

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Features of Call Sumo

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