Improve Your Marketing

How Call Sumo Improves Your Marketing

Optimize ad spend by knowing which marketing channels
bring in the most calls and conversions.

Let’s say you’re advertising your business on a billboard, paid online search ads & social media marketing. Call Sumo will provide you with a unique tracking number for each of these marketing channels and have a default phone number for your website.





On the Billboard, you place the unique Call Sumo tracking number for the advertisement. The same goes for the other marketing channels. After two days you take a look at your calls and the breakdown looks like this:


(Click image
to see an example)


How call sumo can help your marketing

It would appear that billboard advertising is getting you the most calls. But when you look at your new customer list, you realize there is only 1 customer who booked for the week from your billboard advertising. This is where things are not always as they seem. Fortunately, Call Sumo records and tracks all calls that came in for your business and integrates with several customer management systems. This helps identify the types of callers and where they are calling you from – Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and all the other marketing channels you’re business was accessed.


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