What is Call Tracking?

Software To Track Online and Offline Advertising Calls

Make the most of every call and dramatically increase
the number of new customers.

Call tracking helps companies record and understand consumer behavior both before and after they make a phone call. This data enables you to make profitable decisions for the company going forward.

Call Sumo offers tracking software that gives you a proven way to analyze consumer behavior. It allows you to identify which sales and marketing efforts produce the most phone calls, qualified leads, and conversions. You can also see what is not working so well and change or eliminate it.

You can’t afford to be without call tracking if you want more sales for your company. This is especially true if you rely heavily on phone calls to produce revenue.


A Unique Number
for Each Advertisement

With Call Sumo, you will have a unique number for each advertisement you have. By having one unique call tracking number for each ad, you will know when a call is coming in and which advertisement brought them in! On the Call Sumo dashboard, you can even choose and filter out to see only calls from one specific advertisement.


Every Call

Every call that comes from a Call Sumo tracking number is recorded! This allows you to go back and find out why a new caller didn’t become a new customer. Don’t have time to listen to all of your tracked calls? We have you covered because you can have the option to request one of our experienced call analysts listen to your calls for you.


Detailed Reports
In Minutes

In addition to having full access to real-time call reports, we can also provide you with actionable reports giving valuable Qualitative and Quantitative Insights. We will help you make sense of the numbers and charts so you can make informed decisions on your marketing strategies.


Why Call Tracking?

With call tracking implemented, you can assign unique tracking telephone numbers for every source of advertising. This allows you to know quickly what is producing the best results.

Incoming calls are automatically associated with a specific source of advertising. We also offer call recording to help identify training issues with your staff.

Proven Benefits of Call Tracking

Spending money on advertising without a plan is wasteful and random. Call tracking delivers raw, factual data that you can use immediately. You don’t need any special equipment to obtain the data, which means you can start planning future advertising campaigns much sooner.

Call tracking is an effective way to boost return on investment. You may have a hunch about an advertising source, but that doesn’t mean it won’t produce disappointing results. With immediate data about what is and isn’t working in driving phone calls, you can make immediate adjustments to your advertising budget. This greater efficiency frees up more advertising dollars to spend on sources that produce the greatest results.

Our software also makes it possible to integrate call tracking with Google Analytics, Salesforce, or your preferred platform. This makes for seamless marketing and greater profits. Since people who call a business are usually at the end of a sales cycle, call tracking can help to drive sales from those who are most motivated to buy.

Tracking Online

  • Install Website Code

    Installing one line of code into the header of every page of your website will allow your website do the work swapping the numbers for you! No custom URL’s or tags needed!

  • Matches the Advertisement

    That website code will instantly recognize your advertisement and show them the phone number you assigned to that advertisement with no extra work needed from you!

  • Matches to a Visitor

    As calls come in, Call Sumo matches an exact website visitor to the phone call and with the enhanced caller ID, you will know instantly which advertisement that visitor is calling from!

  • The Code Remembers

    The website code remembers the original advertisement that led the visitor to you and will continue to show the visitor the same Call Sumo number each time they visit your site.

Tracking Offline

  • Generate Number for Ad

    Generate a unique phone number for each of your Offline Ads that only viewers of those respective Ads can see. This will allow you to know which one is driving you callers and customers.

  • Custom Landing Pages

    Maybe someone who saw your TV Ad visited your website and then called… We’ve got your covered, you can set your website to show the TV ad phone number to anyone who visits a custom URL.

  • Track Offline Visitors

    As long as visitors visit the custom landing page you put on your Offline Ad, they’ll only see that Phone Number for the next 30 days. You will then know the marketing channel the call came from.

  • See the Whole Picture

    Beyond vanity metrics, see what the precise effectiveness of your offline ads are with Call Sumo. With Call Sumo, you remove the guesswork from your marketing efforts!

Types of Call Tracking

All types of businesses can benefit from call tracking.

The problem becomes deciding which type is best. Basic single call tracking offers one-to-one service. Dynamic number insertion and dynamic call tracking offer session website call tracking, source-level call tracking, and URL-based call tracking.

We also offer digital sales and marketing as well as traditional advertising call tracking. The first consists of PPC, SEO, email, social media, and similar types of tracking. The second includes print, TV, radio, and billboard call tracking.

Customize Your Call Tracking Experience

Call Sumo understands that different types of businesses need different types of data. That’s why we allow you to set up your software to include the metrics most important to you.
Examples include:

  • Name of caller
  • Length of call
  • Quality of lead
  • Webpage the caller saw first
  • Keyword or marketing channel

Once you install Call Sumo tracking software, you will wonder how you lived without it.


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