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Keyword Level Call Tracking

Use our mobile call tracking to optimize the performance of your mobile advertising.

Selecting the best keywords is important as a PPC advertiser, but tracking these keywords is equally essential. Most online advertisers immediately think of Google AdWords and Analytics, but you need something more if you depend on phone calls for lead generation. Call Sumo is pleased to offer call tracking at the keyword level.

This essential feature for sales teams and online marketers provides insight into where each incoming call originated from and determines which ads drive the highest percentage of leads. Common features included with call tracking software include:

  • Call recording and tracking

  • Tracking of conversions

  • Dynamic telephone number insertion

  • Call tracking based on keywords

  • Qualification of leads

  • Integration with Google Analytics

  • Analytics and reporting in real time

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A 2016 report released by GetApp indicated that quality and volume are both major challenges that marketing and sales departments face. Keyword level tracking is a valuable tool they have available to them with call tracking software to help achieve a higher volume and quality of leads.

With keyword level tracking installed, advertisers and marketers can achieve granular results with their pay-per-click campaigns. It allows them to track the keywords from their campaigns with AdWords that produce the most telephone calls and ultimately conversions. It also provides a wealth of customer data to help better qualify leads.

After you establish an AdWords campaign and select your keywords, Call Sumo assigns you several phone numbers available through our software program. When a prospective lead arrives at your ad using a certain keyword, he or she sees a unique telephone number of a landing page. After calling that number, it remains with them through the duration of the call. The software program automatically records the converting keywords as well as details like duration of the call and the customer’s location.

Keyword Level Call Tracking in Detail

keyword level call trackingA small script added to your website enables the tracking portion of your software. You can easily integrate it with Google Analytics as you do for other campaigns with AdWords. Keyword research for call tracking is not much different than it is for content creation or online advertising. Your online ads will still convince customers to contact your company via telephone. It’s important to follow the same keyword research strategy to increase the likelihood of receiving and converting qualified leads.

We recommend that you continue to use tools such as SEMrush, Keyword Planner, and Ubersuggest to come up with the most appropriate keywords for your campaigns. Keyword Planner includes a feature that allows you to see the monetary value of every keyword that you use with paid campaigns.

Be sure to choose keywords with low competition and proven high search volume if possible. This opportunity might not come up often, so it’s important to seize it when it does. You will likely find less competition with long-tail keywords. They also tend to produce more quality leads than shorter, generic keywords. The long-tail keywords may produce fewer leads, but they’re more likely to be quality ones.

Don’t forget to check the SERP to review the competition’s strategy regarding keywords that you’re considering using for your campaigns. It’s always good to know what other companies are paying to use the same keywords.

Options for Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software helps you make the best decisions for future advertising and marketing campaigns because you know what works and what doesn’t. The longer you wait to implement it, the bigger of an edge you’re giving to the competition. We encourage you to contact Call Sumo today to learn more about our various options with call tracking software and to schedule a demonstration.


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