Mobile Call Tracking

Mobile searches have now surpassed computer searches

Use our mobile call tracking to optimize the performance
of your mobile advertising.

The ability to link customer phone calls to their mobile searches means that you can tailor unique advertisements to them. At Call Sumo, we offer the tools necessary to connect website activity and mobile searches to your company’s inbound phone calls and its sales conversions.


Display tracking numbers
on your mobile site dynamically

Dynamic telephone number insertion is a technology that allows you to display a tracking number on your website for mobile visitors. The number is always specific to the advertising channel that led people to your company’s website. You can count on the telephone number on your mobile site changing automatically based on the customer’s advertising channel. This is even true for phone numbers that come from click-to-call locations on your website.

Call Sumo maps each customer’s call from a tracking number to an exact session from your website. This provides your agents with immediate valuable feedback, such as ads and keywords that directed the caller to your site and the pages they viewed once there. With this data, you can optimize any ad to attract the highest-quality calls and your agents can tailor their conversations to make them unique to each customer.



See the relationship between
click-to-call ads and call backs

Approximately 70 percent of people conducting a mobile search follow through on a click-to-call ad. This technology is becoming so important that 61 percent of people searching on a mobile device state it’s more important to them anything else when making a purchase.

You can see the performance of each of your click-to-call ads with our in-depth data. This begins when you allocate different tracking numbers to show up in your ads. You can select from toll-free or local telephone numbers in 30 countries. Every number includes rich features such as complex call forwarding, caller history, whispers, caller ID, and call recording.

Determine how much revenue
comes from each ad

As a business owner, you understand the importance of knowing which mobile website patterns and ads are delivering the most phone calls. However, you need to take things a step further to optimize your website and ads around the best converting calls. Call Sumo provides you with a report that details every call and conversion from mobile ad click/views and website visits. This helps you to optimize your campaigns to increase your ROI.

Your managers and sales agents can use information such as speech analytics, transcriptions, agent performance reports, and call recordings to discover new ways to improve performance and conversions. The ability to track revenue to agents and ads provides you with invaluable information about performance in several key metrics.



Integrate your Analytics
and AdWords Accounts

Call Sumo offers seamless integration with both Google AdWords and Analytics. Each time a phone call comes into one of your tracking numbers via Call Extension, Click-to-Call Ads, or your click-to-landing page, our program performs extensive call mapping. This includes the original campaign, ad word, or keyword that caused the customer’s call. You no longer need hundreds of telephone numbers or a unique number for every keyword. That means you can view your call data immediately in AdWords as conversions or in Analytics as Events. The best part is that you can get the most from your advertising budget by clearly understanding which ads perform the best.

Integration with other platforms, including CAKE, HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce allow you to obtain essential call attribution detail when and where you need it. The result is sales and marketing teams that have the tools they need to optimize future advertising campaigns.


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