The key brand differentiator is expected to change dramatically in the next three years. While customers are most concerned with product features and price right now, industry experts say that experience will matter most by 2020. More than three in four consumers will pay more to have a better experience. If it’s clear they aren’t going to get it, they won’t hesitate to go directly to the competition.

This presents both excitement and opportunity for today’s business owner. The excitement comes from being able to win more customers through great service while the apprehension lies in the realization that an above-average user experience might be hard to deliver. Some common reasons include:

  • Misunderstanding or flat out ignoring relevant data

  • Inconsistent or incomplete multi-channel strategy

  • An unresponsive website

  • Unclear expectations among staff for creating excellent customer experiences

  • Lack of organization among company touch points, including the offline ones

Currently, only 20 percent of American companies meet customer expectations on a consistent basis. Much work lies ahead, but those willing to embrace it can expect to do extremely well.

Call Tracking is a Simple Solution

Enhancing user experience with call tracking is made possible because the system follows the customer’s journey from the first contact. Each time someone visits a business website, he or she receives a unique identification number and telephone number. This enables companies to track customers at any point in their journey, regardless of the channel they used to get there.

Another benefit of call tracking is that it gives context for every interaction a customer has with a business. Call Sumo includes top-level software with offline options such as posters and leaflets.

Our program offers tremendous insight for every department and simplifies the process of connecting with each customer to deliver excellent service. Approximately 40 percent of business owners admit that every department has its own agenda. This doesn’t bode well for providing the customer with the experience he or she expects and makes a memorable experience unlikely.

Call tracking helps to improve relationships between departments, particularly marketing and sales. It gives context to interactions that didn’t previously exist. This helps everyone close more sales and create more effective advertising campaigns in the future. Every department, including Human Resources, Purchasing, Research and Development, Production, and Accounting will benefit when you integrate Call Sumo’s tracking software with you CRM. Contact us to learn more about specific features or to request a demonstration.