Startup Life in the Post Covid Era

Monday, November 9th, 12-1 PM

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During this Post COVID era, it’s a particularly difficult time for startups. Funding may have dried up for most, however, opportunities are not lost. In this session, Ahmed Reza will be discussing tips for startups on surviving and thriving in the Covid-19 economic crisis and the opportunities that arise from it.

Professional Bio:

Ahmed Reza is an AI geek and a serial entrepreneur with a childhood background in the performing arts. He started his engineering career building image-processing software for NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope at Cornell University, where he studied computer science and electrical engineering. In college, Ahmed also participated in the DARPA Grand Challenge, which resulted in self-driving cars. His technical work extends from developing AI for UAVs, hacking engine control units (ECUs) to make cars go faster, and designing and building scalable solutions for the travel industry such as self check-in
and FlyFi for connectivity in the air. Ahmed’s current startup, Inc., applies Artificial Intelligence to Voice and SMS data to address business problems such as task automation, marketing attribution, sales training, and customer and employee relationship management.