Dynamic Number Insertion

Get more calls with your click-to-call and call-only ads.

Step 1

You don’t need tags or custom URLs! Just add a single Call Sumo tracking code on your website header or footer.

Step 2

When someone lands on your website, your tracking code recognizes the site visitor’s geographic location and marketing channel source and then shows its corresponding tracking number.

Step 3

When that visitor makes a call and your phone rings, the Call Sumo AI will show you the marketing channel source and other data associated with that channel source. You now have instant access to the landing pages, referring URL, search keywords, and ads that directed the caller to you.

Step 4

Each time someone visits your website, the Call Sumo tracking code shows the tracking number from their original advertising channel.

Dynamic Number Insertion means that your website’s tracking numbers automatically change or swap to the call tracking number assigned to a marketing channel.

For example, if someone clicks on your online and gets redirected to your website, the phone number that visitor sees on your website will be your online ad call tracking number.


When that person converts and decides to make a call, you will see this call in your Call Sumo interface marked as coming from that particular online ad. This way you’ll know which ads or marketing channels are giving you the best leads and which you should give more of your advertising budget.

Call Sumo lets you know which call tracking number a customer called even before your phone rings. Call Sumo also shows you search terms used to find your website and the marketing channel that gave your website traffic. The Call Sumo interface shows you which landing page and ad they clicked. Valuable data such as these enables anyone to recognize what marketing strategies work for their business, making them smarter business owners.

Even in a few weeks time, Call Sumo’s Dynamic Number Insertion remembers how a visitor found your site the first time. This means a previous website visitor will see the same tracking number every time they call. Their phone number will be permanently tied to the marketing channel they first found your website with.

Businesses all over the country use Call Sumo’s call tracking software to display the right tracking telephone numbers on their websites and know which marketing channels gave them customers. Even vanity numbers are recognized by Call Sumo’s Dynamic Number Insertion.

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