Despite the exceptional insights provided by call tracking and intelligence programs, only five percent of companies that could benefit from this technology current use it. A big reason for this is lack of understanding with how these programs work.

With many other platforms already in existence, business owners may feel that using call tracking with artificial intelligence would just be another time-consuming thing to manage. Search marketers have focused on other tools to obtain acquisitions and conversions as well as dominate the market. They’re under constant pressure to justify their ROI while overlooking the importance of achieving the single customer view. This is exactly what call tracking and intelligence offers.

Why Brands Still Overlook Phone Calls

What Makes Customers CallMost American-based companies are great about tracking customers’ online activity. However, they’re leaving a seeming black hole by ignoring the need to track phone calls. Knowing what makes customers call is essential to understanding the big picture of their journey. Some businesses are slowly starting to understand this and have invested in campaign-level call tracking that provides specific phone numbers for different advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go far enough.

The emphasis in today’s marketing climate focuses on personalizing the customer’s experience. That means marketers must understand every interaction their client base has had with their brand. This includes right up to the time of making the phone call. Call Intelligence delivers remarkable insights into each step of the customer process by integrating data from external sources like Salesforce and AdWords. It determines the original point of customer contact, the impact of various campaigns, and behavior while on your company website. These actions all lead up to the customer picking up the phone.

Service Quality Improvement

With Call Intelligence insights from Call Sumo, you know exactly why the customer called. This makes it easier to allocate funds to specific advertising campaigns in the future. It also informs you which keywords perform and are worth the investment. With real-time access to personalized data about each customer, call center agents can offer tailored, exceptional service to every caller.

No More Blind Spots

Although most people in the millennial generation conduct research about a product or service online, nearly two-thirds prefer to speak to a real person to confirm details before following through with a purchase. Marketers simply can’t afford to remain in the dark about what makes their phone ring. With Call Sumo tracking software enabled, your agents can provide experiences that surprise and delight your customers.