When it comes to shopping, people have more choices and more opportunities to research than ever. It can be tough for marketers to keep up with how customers interact with their brand. For starters, it requires monitoring big data. While companies are spending millions to optimize and understand the customer journey, many are overlooking essential data provided in every phone call.

The Phone is Not Dead

what is call trackingApproximately two-thirds of the world’s population, or 4.77 billion people, own a mobile phone. This explains why people make over 85 billion calls to businesses every year. Click-to-call technology is the main reason behind the surge. It allows people to browse the Internet on their phone and then call a company with a touch of a button. Click-to-call will only grow in popularity, reaching 13.7 billion dollars in spending in the next three years.

Although approximately two-thirds of people conduct product research online, they still prefer to speak to a real person before moving forward with a purchase. This explains why conversion rates from calls are 20 percent higher than clicks. Companies that want to succeed as we close in on the next decade must be able to track offline activity, i.e., the phone call.

What is Call Tracking and Call Intelligence?

Call tracking enables companies to understand how a website visitor arrived there and the actions he or she took leading up to a phone call. Knowing the reason for calls makes it easier for marketers to evaluate which campaigns provide the best return on investment (ROI). Only five percent of businesses in developed countries utilize this technology. Businesses that choose to enable call tracking can get far ahead of the competition before they even know what happened.

what is call trackingWith call intelligence, marketers gain extensive insight into the journey of every customer by evaluating it in terms of the phone call. Call Sumo’s call intelligence software allows for visitor integration with third-party data platforms and second-party data sources. Tracking each customer’s journey across multiple channels, sessions, and devices ultimately provides a detailed and more accurate view.

Our algorithms then deliver the call to the agent most qualified to serve the customer based on his or her profile. This can include the source of marketing, past conversion history, and other data specific to that person. With our algorithms in place, your company can deliver a more personalized experience to the customer and have a higher likelihood of conversion.

How to Ensure Calls Remain Relevant

Customers who make a call have a vested interest, whether that is a purchase or problem resolution. Call Sumo’s actionable insight enables your agents to provide the ultimate customer experience without the awkwardness of reading from a script. Switching the focus from tracking visitors instead of campaigns, combined with call intelligence, can help your company achieve this. Contact Call Sumo today to find out how.