Even though clicks from web pages or advertising banners convert to paying customers less than two percent of the time, many companies still use these statistics to evaluate sales performance. Tuning into phone call conversion rates is a much better idea. That is because customers initiating a call to a company buy a product or service up to 50 percent of the time.

Understanding the Popularity of the Telephone

People use the Internet in the early stages of the buying cycle and the telephone as they get towards the end of it. These statistics bear that out:


% of internet users who desire to speak to a live person


% of people who conduct online research contact the company by phone afterwards


% of people ready to make a purchase who prefer telephone over Internet contact

Besides human contact, other reasons for preferring to do business by phone include speed of handling an emergency request, accuracy in booking an appointment, and ability to request a customized service. Perhaps not surprisingly, more of these calls come from mobile phones than stationary ones. Considering these statistics, it’s easy to see why a call tracking software program like Call Sumo is so essential to the success of any business.

Click-to-Call is a Game Changer

When you have Call Sumo’s click-to-call button enabled on your website, visitors can be speaking with one of your agents in a matter of seconds. It can be integrated into a company landing page or search engine results and is compatible with your Google AdWords campaign. Can you really afford to be without this feature when more than 46 billion people use their mobile phone to conduct research about a product or service? By 2018, that number is expected to climb to 73 billion.

What to Expect with Call Tracking

With our software program enabled, you can determine which advertising channels are delivering the most phone calls so you can maximize your return on investment. This happens because each advertising source receives a unique telephone number for tracking purposes. You can also determine ad words the caller used to find your website in the first place. This data makes it simple to move dollars from your advertising budget to the most effective campaigns.

You also have the option of recording calls to determine areas where your agents may need coaching to close on more deals. Our tools allow you to understand consumer behavior, an issue at the heart of every successful business.