Phone calls are an integral part of any marketing campaign, but businesses often overlook this fact. Instead, they focus on things like building brand awareness and customer engagement without realizing that studying call data can help them achieve these lofty goals. Call tracking software from Call Sumo offers important benefits that can help your company capitalize on its most effective advertising methods.

What is call tracking, you ask? It’s a program that allows you to create unique telephone numbers for each of your advertising campaigns. We route the calls directly to your office so your agents can answer them like normal. It’s one of the easiest ways we know to measure advertising effectiveness and improve your return on investment.

Call Tracking Benefits You May Not Have Considered

As mentioned above, one of the most obvious benefits of Call Sumo’s call tracking software is that it enables you to quickly ascertain which advertising campaigns are producing results and which need more tweaking. It lets you know the volume of calls, where they came from, average length of call, performance of your PPC landing page, and most importantly, conversion rates. Some other important benefits of call tracking include:

  • Ability to connect calls to specific searches: Knowing which keywords are driving calls is an effective planning tool for future advertising campaigns. This is especially true for calls made from a mobile device since these now outpace calls placed from a stationary phone.

  • Call recording capability: There’s a good chance you have called a business and heard a recorded message tell you that your call will be recorded for quality assurance purposes. It’s in your best interest to use this same strategy for your own business. It allows you to hear for yourself whether agents are asking the right questions to drive conversions and how they respond to customers in general. You can expect better results from your agents when you provide them with additional training.

  • No need to change call policies: Your salespeople can still follow the same scripts and answer calls in the same way, unless you tell them otherwise. The only difference is that your company will be receiving valuable data about every call it receives.

  • Compare the effectiveness of advertising channels: Perhaps you advertise your company’s product or service on the radio, television, Internet, and through billboard ads. You need to know how effective each channel is so you can decide whether the investment you make is producing the results you desire.

These are just a handful of benefits you can expect with our call tracking software. Contact Call Sumo today to learn more or request a demonstration.