If you don’t know what call intelligence is or use it in your business, you’re missing out on highly valuable data. From the customer’s perspective, call intelligence allows you to personalize the caller’s experience and enhance his or her journey on the way to a purchasing decision. For your company, call intelligence enables you to expand the reach of your audience and optimize your marketing efforts and performance. Continue reading to learn more about each of these benefits.

Personalize the Caller’s Experience

While Call Sumo’s call intelligence software provides in-depth data and increases visibility, it’s even more important to make each caller’s experience with your company a personal one. Our program allows you to qualify and then route each call based on the following individual factors:

  • New or repeat caller

  • Landing page that directed person to call

  • Caller’s geographic location

  • Specific marketing campaign

  • Time and day of call

  • Product or service of interest to the caller

Knowing these details as soon as they answer a call equips your agents to provide personal service and drives higher conversion rates.

Enhance the Buyer’s Journey

A prospective customer who places a phone call is nearing the end of his or her buying journey, but there is still more to come. With the data provided by call intelligence, you can send follow-up emails, target specific ads, show recommended products, and much more. For buyers who haven’t made a purchase decision after talking to an agent on the phone, these metrics help to keep your product or service in mind and may even spur another phone call.

Expand Your Audience Reach

Call Sumo makes it easy for you to integrate the data obtained from your call intelligence program with platforms like Facebook. With this capability, you can target people who have similar characteristics to those who have already purchased from your company. Call intelligence goes beyond telling you who is calling to tell you why they are calling. When you understand your customer, you can serve him or her better.

Optimize Marketing Efforts

Call intelligence starts with call tracking. This is a basic program that tells you how many calls you receive each day and their point of origination. By integrating call intelligence into call tracking, you learn call outcomes, specific customer demographics, caller insights, and can employ granular multi-touch attribution. This data makes it possible to target future advertising campaigns so you can attract the types of calls that you want.

Call Sumo is excited to offer call intelligence to our customers. The benefits described above barely scratch the surface. We encourage you to schedule a consultation today to learn more about the everything you have been missing.