Automated Call Analysis as a Business Intelligence Tool

One definition of Automated Call Analysis is that it’s an offshoot of call tracking. Another is that it’s a new business intelligence (BI) solution that tracks calls as a method of delivering call recordings. Call Sumo’s product allows you to analyze customer telephone calls from both sides and pull out the most useful data. For many organizations, this includes customer service skills, customer sentiment, conversation rate, lead score, and sales skills.

Defining Key Metrics Terms

Before you can use Automated Call Analysis in a meaningful way, you must have in-depth understanding of the following terms:

  • automated call analysisCustomer Intelligence: Our Automated Call Analysis evaluates data about prospects and customers for every incoming or outgoing call. Our tool helps determine their overall mood, such as annoyed or satisfied. It lets you know how often customers bring up price and discuss shopping with your competition.
  • Marketing: Sales Readiness and Lead Score are critical marketing metrics. Call Sumo helps you capture and make sense of them.
  • Revenue Data: You can integrate our Automate Call Analysis data with CRM pipelines, and other dashboards at the executive level, and forecasting models for predicting revenue.
  • Sales: Purchase Made and Conversation Rate are obvious ways you can determine the sales performance of your team. With this data, you can better plan future processes and sales strategy.
  • Training: Call Sumo’s Automated Call Analysis offers insight into specific actions that take place on a phone call. For example, did the representative ask for the caller’s name and try to close the sale? If not, data from our program can help you plan for additional training.

While we do provide call tracking, we also offer several other ways to ensure that phone calls continually flow through your system. Call tracking simply enables us to retrieve data through Automated Call Analysis. Call Sumo is a provider of business intelligence and not simply a program that allows you to track calls. Our Automated Call Analysis is the solution to call tracking you have been waiting for and now it’s here.

Call Tracking vs. Business Intelligence

Many of our clients already use call tracking and are looking for something to up their game. The Automated Call Analysis provides you with raw business intelligence because that is its purpose. You can receive the benefits of Automated Call Analysis with call tracking or as a stand-alone program. We’re here to help you through the integration process and are happy to answer your questions.