call tracking benefitsCall tracking is a fairly ubiquitous technology. Companies big and small use different phone numbers for different advertising campaigns. For example, if you’re advertising on an expensive billboard in the middle of downtown, or doing a radio advertisement, television or newspaper ad, or advertising on the web, you would want to know how each one of these advertisements is doing. Let’s call each one of these a marketing channel. So you start by assigning different call tracking phone numbers to each one of these marketing channels.

Better yet, your call tracking company lets you record each one of the incoming calls.  And before you renew your contract or monthly interval, you can review and determine how many calls each one of the marketing channels brought you. You can even listen to calls to determine if the calls were good or bad. What you might find is that many of your existing customers may have called using one of the phone numbers simply because they didn’t have your phone number handy.  What this will ultimately help you determine is how much each channel costs to bring you a customer. This is the holy grail of marketing and how marketing is done in the most successful of companies.

However as you may have figured, if you’re investing a lot of money in different types of marketing, simply crunching the numbers can be a pain. Technically you could hire someone to do the analysis for you, but for most small businesses like dentists, this can be a bit unreasonable. Some of our customers have thousands of calls, with each call averaging two or more minutes in length.

This is where we come in. We have built software that integrates with some customer management systems like Dentrix, which allows us to automatically identify existing and new customers. The Call Sumo software is smart enough to know marketing companies and partner companies, once identified.

We significantly cut down on the amount of time you have to spend listening to calls, so doing the actual ROI calculation is really simple. You can do in minutes what would have otherwise taken hours or days.