Having a call tracking system is an important way to increase ROI, customer engagement, and improve measurements. However, some companies remain unaware of it. The basic concept is that potential customers receive different contact information based on their point of origination. Traditional call tracking does have some drawbacks, including a company’s limited ability to create ads and lack of in-depth tools to analyze calls.

Overcome the Limits of Traditional Call Tracking Systems with Call Sumo

Our enhanced call tracking software allows you to tap into the enormous base of knowledge in every phone call. You can expect to enjoy the following five benefits when you enable Call Sumo tracking software at your company:

call tracking system1. Increased effectiveness of every advertising channel: The popularity of smartphones isn’t expected to subside any time soon. Advertisers know this, which is why phone number integrations into digital sites and ads continues to grow. By 2018, industry experts predict that over 73 billion calls will come into tracking lines from searches that initially took place on a mobile device.

2. Better efficiency at routing calls to in-house operators who can handle the customer’s request: A system like Call Sumo is essential to help companies optimize workflows and resources. Combining call tracking and highly specific telephone numbers means that prospective customers quickly reach an in-house expert who can help them. This eliminates the frustration of multiple call transfers and makes it more likely the customer will follow through with a purchase.

3. Decide which aspects of a phone call to measure: Your company’s unique call metrics may not be relevant for someone else. With Call Sumo, you decide which metrics to track and how to use the information. For example, you can choose to track where the caller initiated from, the information he or she is seeking, wait time, length of the call, and actions the caller took after the call.

call tracking system4. Improve website performance, SEO, and SEM: Our customized and easy-to-use dashboard means that you can interpret call data as you receive it. Ongoing testing and monitoring makes it possible for you to optimize online landing pages, search presence, and click-to-call response from social ads and Google search results.

5. Better return on investment: Call Sumo provides your company with critical insights into the performance of its advertising campaigns. This enables you to allocate more funds for high performing ads and to eliminate or cut spending on those that don’t convert as well. Since every customer interaction comes through a phone call, you can use this data for offline marketing campaigns as well.