Most online advertisers have heard of or used Google Adwords to attract the attention of their target demographic. While powerful in its own right, combining it with a call tracking software like Call Sumo gives you highly focused insight into the performance of your paid advertising campaigns.

enhancing your adwords

Understanding Google AdWords

When you sign up for a Google AdWords campaign, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The amount is determined by your bid, also known as cost per click (CPC). A huge benefit of using this advertising tool is that you can see which keywords are converting well and the location and personal demographics of those clicking on them.

enhancing your adwordsOne feature you may want to consider using with Google AdWords is Click to Call (CTC). This feature dials the advertiser’s telephone number as soon as a user clicks on the ad. This gives people instant answers regarding the product or service they’re searching. You can enable it with a call extension. Additionally, you can determine how long a phone call needs to last to be included in your after-call data.

To reach people in the smartphone era, a modern business must also invest in mobile Google AdWords. The concept is the same, and you have the ability to distinguish between mobile and desktop users when analyzing the data for future advertising campaigns. You can determine the following types of information:

a. Which search terms cause your ad to appear before an Internet user
b. Number of impressions
c. Conversion rate
d. Position in SERPs
e. CTR

Call Tracking and PPC

With Google AdWords, you can track phone calls to determine which factors lead to conversions. Some of the available data includes location of the caller and length of the call as well as broader information such as number of impressions. However, you can only track your ads displayed on Google platforms. This leaves out Bing and other search engines and social media sites like Facebook. This can hamper your advertising efforts because it doesn’t allow you to drive phone calls from ads displayed on non-Google areas. Fortunately, Call Sumo allows you to do that.

As a third-party call tracking software program, Call Sumo offers the following:

1. Call recording: When you need to know what matters to customers, go right to the source by recording and listening to phone calls.

2. Campaign level tracking: This allows you to assign a unique telephone number to each PPC campaign so you can see which ones are performing the best.

3. Dynamic number insertion: This feature allows you to track each person who discovers your product or service online. Call Sumo pulls phone numbers from a random pool and assigns one unique to your company that you can choose to display wherever you see fit.

4. Keyword level tracking: With this feature, you can see which keywords from your PPC campaigns are delivering phone calls and which are not.

5. Landing page success tracking: Internet users normally go to a landing page after clicking on an ad. This feature displays a telephone number on the landing page and tracks the success of both.