Without automation, marketing professionals spend their days measuring and delivering KPIs, going to meetings, and managing a wide variety of marketing tools. Call Sumo automates these tasks and more to improve your company’s efficiency and bottom line.

Business Intelligence and Advanced Call Tracking

You need to know what makes a prospective customer call your company and convert to a paying customer. However, we take things a step further by generating a report with detailed data regarding the conversation each caller had with your team members. This makes it easier to qualify leads by phone so you know what is and isn’t converting. Call Sumo’s business intelligence (BI) makes qualifying leads an exact science. With our program, you can easily decide which calls to prioritize so you can increase conversions. Rather than listen to calls individually, you simply review the analytics of each conversion.

Building the Perfect Call Flow

The first step should be connecting a lead to the person who can best help him or her. Callers who have to wait or get transferred multiple times are less likely to become conversions. Our call flow application makes it simple to direct every caller to the right staff person. You’re always in charge of the parameters and can set them according to:

  • Time and day
  • Providing callers with menu options to choose who helps them
  • Automatic call routing

Reporting Call Conversions

To make the most of your analytics, only report calls that are both productive and a sufficient length. With Call Sumo’s call intelligence technology, you can request that calls report directly to Google Analytics, Salesforce, and other third-party analytics tools. Be sure to choose a call length that represents the average for your business, such as over 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or whatever works best for you.

Making the Most of Automated Call Analysis

Our program allows you to see lead quality without having to listen to the conversation between prospect and agent. Manually scoring leads takes time that you could be using for business growth. Call Sumo gives you that time back with these tools:

  • Automatic Classification of LeadsWith this feature enabled, you can choose industry-specific keywords and the call types you want to classify. Call Sumo then marks the completed call as a qualified lead. Our program also recognizes conversions and displays them as a percentage of your company’s total callers before including them on a report for lead funneling. Call Sumo’s tool works in real time, which means you will know within minutes if you have a good lead. Additionally, you can view lead classifications alerts in your email and send qualified leads to third-party systems your company has integrated with if you wish.
  • Call Transcription: This makes it easy to read conversations from the detail page for each call made to a specific tracking number. You know which text represents the agent and which represents the caller because each transcription is evenly split. If you want to focus on a specific part of the conversation, just click and enlarge it as you’re reading the transcription.