Business Intelligence initially helped companies with limited space for stored data. It produced centralized dashboards to act as an interface between raw data and computer users. Over time, it evolved into applications that stood on their own and provided analytics on an ad hoc basis. While more sophisticated, the apps were also more static. They couldn’t drive decisions at the executive level.

Big Data, the Internet of Things, and other forms of unstructured data comes in continuously from unrelated systems originating outside the company. A static template is no longer adequate. Today’s business leaders need a solution that’s contextually aware, which is exactly what Call Sumo provides. Call Sumo goes beyond data retrieval, storage, and reporting and provides actionable insights that work for you.

What makes these Call Sumo so smart?

Call Sumo provides BI tools and integration to make your daily workflow easier. We provide relevant insights that you can take immediate action on with no interruption in your workflow. The data appears the instant you require it. You can make it available to others in your busiess as well.

Most managers lack the time to investigate every customer interaction as thoroughly as they need to. This results in lost revenue, and inadequate dashboards are often to blame. They don’t tell managers which actions to take in the present time.

Our call tracking software runs an algorithm before making a recommendation that depends on a predictive model for accuracy. It looks at the customer’s past interactions and it can refine recommendations by quickly analyzing your CRM. Its predictive abilities and recommendations improve as it gets to know the typical behavior of each user.

BI has been renewing enthusiasm in industries across the board. No longer content just to receive data, effective business people know they need solutions to help them create actionable results based on the insights provided. Call Sumo eliminates irrelevant details and bias, levels the playing field for complex machine learning, and shortens the decision-making process for company leadership. These features all serve to improve the bottom line.

If your company is struggling because it hasn’t yet embraced 21st century technology, let us know and we’ll help you level up your marketing strategies.