The executive dashboard is nothing new. It has been around since the 1980s, and it was revolutionary for its time. It allowed companies to analyze business data from the convenience of a single screen. However, the business dashboard has evolved significantly over the past three decades.

Analyzing the past and predicting the future

The ability for companies to see how they performed in a previous quarter was helpful 30 years ago, but today’s businesses must leverage more information to remain competitive. As a business owner, you need data to let you know where the company is headed and how it will arrive there. That’s where Call Sumo comes in. We understand the value of business analytics and will help your organization obtain it for less.

Interact with your data

Seeing numbers that summarize your company’s performance only goes so far. We give you the ability to interact with your data in the most meaningful way possible. By understanding the big picture, you can use data-driven results to make accurate predictions that inspire the decisions you make for your business every day. With our smart analytics dashboard, you can leave the days of managing your business by trial and error far behind.

What does your dashboard look like now?

If you really want the world of business data at your fingertips, your dashboard must have the following capabilities at a minimum:

analytics dashboards

Connected data from multiple sources: Whether you use Facebook, Google AdWords, MailChimp, QuickBooks, Salesforce, another popular cloud-based program, or all of these programs, you have data coming at you from every direction. Integrating all of them into a single dashboard helps you make the best possible business decisions.


Advanced filtering capability, tools for analysis, and organization: Sometimes you have too much data. You need tools that allow you to filter it by time, region, product, or other parameters that you determine. We offer these features as well as the ability to bring everything together to make conclusive and forward-thinking decisions for your entire company.

analytics dashboards

Business alerts on the go: You can customize your alerts so you receive instant notifications via your smartphone, email, or however else you wish to be notified. This allows you to make important decisions for your company on the spot.