What does data mean to you?

Data means something different when you run a business. You’re probably familiar with the terms implementation, latency, permissioning, reports, server up-time, spreadsheets, and system maintenance. But what are you going to do with them?

You need better insights

IT departments nationwide are working hard to deliver greater insights to business leaders. The data can’t come soon enough. A survey conducted by Gartner indicates that analytics and business information (BI) is the top priority for CIOs through at least 2017.

Of the 1,064 business executives surveyed, a whopping 98 percent stated they require BI to perform well on the job. However, a mere six percent felt they had the ability to get to their BI as quickly as they need it. Call Sumo is here to fill the gap between the six percent and the 98 percent.

Business executives who require BI – 98%
Business executives who can get BI as quickly as they need it – 6%

Development and growth of self-service business information

When it comes to BI, self-service can be hard to come by. The need for specialized skills in tech, security clearance, and time frame implementation makes it especially challenging. Call Sumo has devised a way to overcome these obstacles and put BI in executives’ hands where it belongs.

As a business leader, you simply can’t afford not to be able to access BI and critical metrics in real time. Call Sumo provides you with a cloud-based, highly secure system that takes just minutes to implement. This frees you from having to complete repetitive, time-consuming tasks that take away from growing revenue. All the metrics you need are available from one uniform dashboard.

CIOs integral to the success of an organization

Just how much does having a cloud-based system like Call Sumo pay off? Consider that a recent IBM study uncovered an average annual growth rate of 140 percent for companies that implemented it. This growth took place over three years and compared to organizations that were not proactive about seeking out a cloud solution.


The study further reported that companies with consistent cloud-based usage operate with greater speed and flexibility than those who do not. With the data Call Sumo provides, you can capitalize on new business opportunities and respond faster to market trends. Companies across the country are increasingly relying on CIOs to produce these results. This is a resounding answer to the need to fill the gap between the need for BI and the ability to access it.

Call Sumo provides strong footing for your company

We understand you need the solutions that Call Sumo provides while still maintaining a profitable operating margin. Call Sumo delivers the goods without compromising the budget.

Once you have Call Sumo in place, you can relieve your IT department of monotonous reporting tasks. This means greater efficiency for everyone.

Call Sumo is the secure, affordable, cloud-based system you could have only dreamed of a few years ago. Get in touch today to learn more about implementing it at your company.