Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Call Tracking

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Many small business owners feel confused about how to start with call tracking. They also don’t fully grasp the benefits to expect from it. Call Sumo’s call tracking software provides you with an incredible amount of information about response to your company’s marketing efforts. The four tips below outline the best ways to start [...]

Healthcare Marketers: Are Your Mobile Calls Converting?

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Did you know that more than 40 percent of patients who used their smartphone to research hospitals followed through with scheduling an appointment? When it comes to mobile optimization, some healthcare providers remain behind the times. According to Google, no business can afford to stay that way. In a recent report, it stated that [...]

Enhance Your Social Media Marketing with Call Tracking

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Call tracking is a simple concept that your company can use in a variety of advertising campaigns. It allows you to compare clicks and calls as well as measure the effectiveness of your offline and online marketing. Although call tracking provides highly detailed metrics to help evaluate the effective of marketing campaigns, many companies [...]

Improving Website Performance with Call Tracking

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It’s common for business owners to evaluate the performance of their website by number of visitors, shopping cart conversions, and paid search clicks. These are important, but they don’t tell the whole story. To get that, you need to enable call tracking software.This might seem like a strange recommendation for online businesses. That is because [...]

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How Call Tracking Works For Small Businesses

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Call tracking for small business can have a major impact on the future success or failure of your company. With advancing technology, it might not seem so important to gather offline analytics. However, any business that answers customer phone calls should analyze and tracks those calls so they understand the effectiveness of their marketing [...]

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What is Call Tracking Analytics?

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Call tracking analytics, or call analytics, is the term used to describe the analysis, collection, and measurement of data from business phone calls. Sales and marketing teams use insights to improve their company’s marketing campaigns and handling of phone calls. Call and website analytics help them understand which campaigns are driving the most qualified [...]

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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Call Tracking

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As a small business owner, you already know that you have to make the best of a limited marketing budget. You simply don’t have the time or money to waste on campaigns that produce disappointing results. You need reliable tools and campaigns to show what’s working and what you need to scrap. Call tracking [...]

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Why Every Dentist Should Use Call Tracking

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Nearly any industry can benefit from the data provided by call tracking, including dentistry. By knowing which marketing efforts bring in the most new patients, you can focus on improving those campaigns to attract even more people to your practice. The Lifetime Value of a New Dental Patient New patients are extremely valuable [...]

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Optimizing Your Dental Practice’s Marketing with Call Tracking

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It’s difficult to earn the best ROI when you’re uncertain which dental advertising campaigns convert the most. Call Sumo’s call tracking program enables you to see where leads come from so you can know which campaigns are performing well and which ones to tweak or discontinue. How Do Patients Find Your Practice? It's [...]

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What Call Tracking and B.I. Do For Your Business

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Business intelligence is the process of bringing available data together to learn more about a business and the customers it serves. It’s an essential tool in the 21st century. What You Can Learn from a Call Phone calls from customers provide essential information, but many businesses fail to realize this. Call tracking software [...]

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