The Caller ID Tracker available from CallSumo acts as a call monitoring system on a dedicated network. This device displays information about the caller on different desktops for every line that you monitor. It also automatically creates a log of incoming and outgoing calls. Our software program obtains information via a single unit and sends it across your entire network. You can use it as a stand-alone device as well.

Information Displayed on Our Caller ID

caller idWhen a customer places a call to your business, a pop-up window displays on your monitor and a chime sounds as well to alert you to the call. You also have the option of manually setting the window to remain closed or open or to do the task yourself when the situation calls for it. Another thing you can do with Caller ID from CallSumo is block pre-determined phone numbers from displaying on the computer monitor’s window. You can run Call Monitoring on several network stations at the same time or on a single personal computer as a stand-alone unit.

Tracking Calls

You can program the Caller ID’s tracking feature to log any calls that you like. This includes both outbound and inbound calls. These logs provide a wealth of information drawn from several types of data reports from calls. This enables you to view inbound and outbound calls, statistics of calls, or calls that originate from a specific number.

Additionally, you can set the report to start on a certain date at a certain time and include or exclude specific times or days during the week. You can program the Call Logging section to not include calls from those marked unknown, private, or out-of-area along with specific telephone numbers.

Other Uses of Call Tracking

caller id5In addition to business use, our Caller ID app is for people who want to monitor the calls they receive at home. However, it’s most beneficial for business users. The program records numerous details, including the following:

  • Number of times the phone rang before someone picked it up
  • Length of each phone call
  • Name of the caller
  • Caller’s telephone number
  • Phone extension of the representative who answered the call
  • Any extra digits dialed
  • Date and time the call was placed or received

This data then becomes part of a permanent report. Call statistics further break down calls into day and hour and call minutes. With this data, you can decide if you have too many or not enough phone lines available to handle customer calls. Below is a list of just some of the types of organizations that could benefit most from this software:

  • Answering services
  • Contractors
  • Government offices
  • Insurance companies
  • Law enforcement
  • Lawyers offices
  • Medical offices
  • Real estate agents
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Telemarketers

Do you suspect that your employees are spending too much time on the phone for personal matters? Do you wonder if it’s taking too long for them to answer calls from customers? Are some of your customers claiming that they called at a certain time or on a certain day and no one answered their call? It’s one thing to wonder about these things and another to know for sure. Feel free to contact Call Sumo at your convenience to learn more about Caller ID Tracker or to request a demonstration.