It’s difficult to earn the best ROI when you’re uncertain which dental advertising campaigns convert the most. Call Sumo’s call tracking program enables you to see where leads come from so you can know which campaigns are performing well and which ones to tweak or discontinue.

How Do Patients Find Your Practice?

It’s not effective to buy multiple advertising campaigns and just hope for the best. Call tracking allows you to establish unique telephone numbers for every campaign, whether traditional or digital. When a prospective patient sees a specific ad, he or she calls a unique telephone number associated with it. That makes it simple to connect the campaign with results.

Best of all, you don’t have to buy additional phones for this to work. Each call still goes to your office telephone number, but you have the benefit of understanding what made the patient decide to call your practice in the first place.

Ongoing Opportunities for Marketing Optimization

Research indicates that 68 percent of people intend to make a purchase when they perform an online search. Further, 76 percent of Internet users are ready to schedule an appointment upon finding your dental clinic’s ad. Your staff must have the necessary training to convert those callers into booked appointments.

In the dental industry, approximately 60 percent of calls originate with a local search. However, this doesn’t tell you where the caller first discovered your number. Call Sumo fills in the missing details. When you have a unique telephone number matched with specific ad campaigns and keywords, you can understand the precise steps a patient took to discover your dental office. Insights provided by our call tracking software provide many advantages, including the following:

Experimenting with different types of advertising without knowing results can cause you to blow your marketing budget in a hurry. Call Sumo provides valuable and actionable insights that enable you to build on your success and learn from your mistakes without such a steep learning curve. You have worked hard to build a dental practice that patients trust. It’s time more people knew about it and scheduled their future appointments with you.