Business intelligence is the process of bringing available data together to learn more about a business and the customers it serves. It’s an essential tool in the 21st century.

What You Can Learn from a Call

Phone calls from customers provide essential information, but many businesses fail to realize this. Call tracking software enables your company to start effortlessly listening to calls to identify customer patterns and agent training opportunities.

Purpose of Call Tracking

tracking softwareCall center agents often feel suspicious of call tracking at first. They assume you as the employer are trying to learn information to use against them. It’s better to frame it as trying to be helpful rather than heavy-handed. Listening to the calls ensures that each agent has the information and support needed to provide helpful, friendly service to every caller. You have no way to know if this is happening unless you enable call tracking software. The program available from Call Sumo also records speech patterns to better assist you in monitoring conversations that take place between customers and agents. This further allows you to measure individual performance and overall customer satisfaction.

What Do Customers Respond to the Best?

Every customer is unique, which means that he or she will respond well to some pitches and not as favorably to others. Some may read something into tone that the agent never intended. Our call tracking system provides agents with the most useful and favorable phrases to elicit the type of response they expect. Knowing how to speak to a customer in the way that he or she prefers allows your agents to repeat the same types of phrases and voice tones the next time that person calls.

Call Tracking Provides a Permanent Record

Disputes happen. A customer will insist he or she said one thing when your recording proves otherwise. This tool comes in handy to resolve disputes as quickly and as amicably as possible.

Call Tracking Software Picks Up What Humans Miss

After Call Sumo’s software program records and reviews all phone call data, it forwards it to a human being for review. That person then analyzes the data and uses it to improve the business. Call tracking is only the first step for a company wishing to make use of artificial intelligence. After collecting the data, the people in charge of it can set parameters to find even more detailed information that they would not have picked up on their own.

How to Use the Gathered Intelligence

One of the most useful ways for companies to use information gathered from artificial intelligence is to improve scripts that they use on future phone calls. Additionally, following up with customers who expressed a complaint needs to happen promptly. A poor way to use data gleaned from call tracking is simply to eavesdrop on conversations that don’t pertain to the business in any way.

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