Some business owners assume they have call tracking when they really don’t. The confusion arises due to the different types of call tracking, which include the following:


With this basic type, marketers buy telephone numbers and assign a static number to each campaign. It’s limited because you don’t have a lot of phone numbers and you don’t receive keyword details if the call resulted from a PPC campaign. Additionally, static number providers typically only track cookies for 30 days.

When your company receives a call, campaign-level call tracking gives credit to the specific number dialed. This allows for incorrect crediting of calls because it only considers last call attribution. Truly correct data would consider the original way the customer reached your company, not the most recent one.

Google Call Conversion

types of call trackingGoogle provides this option free with AdWords campaigns. It allows you to track calls based on keywords, ads, and campaigns. However, it’s not helpful for marketing efforts outside of PPC with Google. Although Google currently dominates the search engines, Bing is rapidly closing in with a market share of 21 percent in the United States.

Did you know that PPC generates only 20 percent of calls to American businesses? That means you’re missing out on 80 percent of your tracking and revenue opportunities if you focus on PPC alone. You need to understand the ROI from all marketing channels.

Call Intelligence

Call Intelligence gives you a complete picture of your customer’s journey. This includes all incoming phone calls that the other programs don’t track. It allows you to effectively tie campaigns to results so you can make better marketing forecasts. Call Intelligence also enables call center agents to respond in a more personalized way with customers in real time. If you always wished you could predict customer actions, Call Intelligence is the next best thing.

With the dynamic number insertion feature of Call Intelligence, every visitor to your website receives his or her own telephone number. This displays on your website each time that customer calls. While other tracking programs offer phone numbers unique to an ad, campaign, or keyword, Call Intelligence takes things several steps further. You can know every interaction a customer has with your brand, regardless of how long it takes him or her to call or make a purchase. Call Sumo also makes it possible to attribute calls to ads, campaigns, and keywords if you still desire that information.

Other Benefits

Call Sumo understands that not every company has a 30-day cookie cycle. We work with you to implement an optimal time for placement of cookies. Our software allows you to set up telephone numbers via your dashboard and assign them to various campaigns. We even offer vanity numbers and social tracking. Call Sumo provides you with several tools to measure call outcome. Some of these include API, post-call IVR, and direct integration with software such as Salesforce.

You might think you are currently tracking calls, but the reality is you could only be capturing 20 percent of customer activity. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how you can track insightful data that allows you to better understand the customer journey.