Self-service is the newest trend among software vendors that provide analytics, business intelligence, and data. The idea behind these programs is that people of all skill levels can obtain the information they need with a few clicks. This assumption doesn’t consider that not everyone has the skills and training to isolate the most useful pieces of business data to make more informed decisions going forward.

Business Intelligence

Businesses will continue to generate large amounts of data, but current technology can’t provide companies with the necessary insights to impact day-to-day operations. Perhaps you find yourself in this frustrating predicament right now. You have the data, but you don’t know how to deliver it to people in a way they’re likely to understand. Call Sumo can help with that.

Most businesses will access self-service analytics tools by 2018

Business intelligence insiders predict that most companies will be able to receive valuable data via self-service platforms by 2018. However, that sheer amount of data can be overwhelming to the point that company leadership won’t know how to get started.

Most people in a business role don’t possess the analytical skills necessary to recognize intricate data patterns that are either useful or useless to company operations. If that’s not part of their job, they really shouldn’t have to.

Analytical tools aren’t what they used to be. Today’s business professional has access to machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and ever-increasing amounts of computing power. When used properly, all of these systems can fulfill the Big Data promise of pulling the most effective insights for immediate use. Call Sumo analyzes complicated data sets and surfaces them automatically to provide business leaders with instantaneous actionable steps.

Many business professionals assume that this type of technology is years in the future. However, machines are already better at retrieving valuable insights from complicated data than people are. Unlike humans whose cognition declines in older age, the cognitive abilities of a machine will only get better.

Paying employees to analyze data manually just to make routine decisions is neither effective or an efficient use of resources. Call Sumo offers cutting-edge systems that automates much of this process. This leaves employees free to focus on more pressing problems and strategic planning.

We encourage you to contact us at your convenience to see a demonstration of how Call Sumo tackles Big Data. Once you implement it, you can say good-bye to several manual processes.