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Enterprise Call Tracking

The very best businesses are data driven at the core. While some may be wary of Big Data & Artificial Intelligence, we see it as a Key Advantage.

Think about your calls in a whole new way

It’s frustrating when data from your calls are in several different places. Call Sumo removes the aggravation by providing a central location for all call data. It connects both your lead sources and calls and then presents the information to you in a clear visual style. This makes it easier to make important decisions.

Know what rings

Actual new customers – not just vanity metrics about your calls

Know exactly which marketing campaigns, web pages, and keywords are bringing you calls and conversions. Rich call data and and insightful reports tell you exactly which marketing effort provides the best return.

Drive better ROI

Effortless Optimization because all the data you need to visualize your customer journey and bottlenecks are already there.

Improve teamwork

Better informed & better coordinated teams are what happens when everyone can see the same vision and their part in it, in detail.

Accelerate growth now

Make decisions faster with precise performance data and analysis. KPIs without the complexity.

  • Key performance indicators on your terms

  • Customizable to your focus KPIs

  • Simplified visualization and details on demand

call tracking for business

Don’t let a potential customer slip past you

Your own insight into your business is obviously important. However, many business owners make the mistake of relying on gut instinct instead of hard data about what works and what doesn’t. With Call Sumo’s call tracking for business, you receive important insights into your calls to help you be even more successful in the future.

Understanding the journey your customer took to get to you allows you to identify which call paths are most important. This is true whether the customer found you on social media, on the Internet, or through a print ad.


Understanding your customer paths and call performance on an intimate level provides you with incredible insight. This allows you to move forward and grow at an unprecedented rate.

Improve perfromance with customer intimacy

Your business doesn’t stop just because you’re not in the office. In the mobile era, you must be able to connect at any time. With Call Sumo, you can access critical insights into your calls from any device. You can run your business at any hour from wherever you happen to be.

Call details tracker

Understand your customer’s path

No two customers are the same in what they need and how they found you. You need to understand both to drive revenue and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Boost the effectiveness of your sales

Call Sumo provides you with automated alerts about possible missed opportunities. The alerts go to your inbox or a manager you choose. This makes you appear proactive to the customer and can help you save many deals.

Effective listening options

You have the option of selecting our automated listening feature, recording your calls and listening to them yourself, or both. All methods give you greater understanding of every call so you appreciate on a deep level what is and isn’t working.