Today’s business owners need artificial intelligence (AI), embedded analytics, and natural language processing to analyze trends and be prepared for the future. Call Sumo provides all three.

AI has surpassed big data

trends analyticsAI, which consists of deep learning and machine learning, is now more relevant than big data. However, we don’t recommend that businesses seek to replace manual analytical tasks performed by humans with AI. A more suitable acronym for AI is assistive intelligence. In this scenario, the skills of a human analyst are complemented by machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics capabilities embedded into a program. These smart capabilities help organizations prepare and integrate data as well as detect correlations and patterns.

Accessibility of analytics improved by natural interactions

Business professionals often confuse Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It’s true that both provide natural interactions within an analytics platform. However, NLG is more useful in finding insights while NLP asks the questions.

trends analyticsMost people recognize NLP in programs such as Siri and Alexa. Vendors are currently adding similar functionality to their products to take advantage of the popularity of this trend. They also hope to reach business users who typically find this platform less intimidating. While not yet mainstream, NLP grows more popular by the year.

It has only been in recent years that people have incorporated NLG into their analytical tools. It produces such things as text-based summaries of events automatically. The goal is to make NLG technology more available to mainstream consumers. Analytics vendors have recently formed partnerships with NLG vendors to benefit from their expertise and add a new dimension to the visualization of data. While this partnership is still new, it is quickly gaining awareness among business leaders.

Actionable insights made possible with embedded analytics

Analytics become truly valuable when they can assist business professionals in making decisions for a better outcome. Embedding analytics into systems and applications that decision-makers already use makes it possible for them to act right away.

trends analyticsBusiness users who previously couldn’t be reached through traditional means are able to quickly decipher the analytics available on Call Sumo’s platform. Your organization can even offer similar capabilities to its partners, suppliers, and customers to increase monetization opportunities and competitiveness.

A new era in business leadership is here. It involves using data analysis as the primary foundation for every business decision. The earlier your organization adopts analytics, the more of an edge you have on your competition. Those with technical abilities who are willing to embrace change should find themselves ahead of the game. Call Sumo would love to help you reach that point.