As a business owner, you understand the importance of your customers having an excellent experience every time they call your company. If they don’t receive it every time, you might not hear from them again. That’s where phone call conversion optimization comes into play. Even when people make a purchase online, they like having a real person answer their questions about a product or service. If they’re put on hold, treated rudely, or given incorrect information, you have just lost your lead to the competition.

Call Opening

A caller forms an impression of your company during the first few seconds of a call, but many businesses fail to appreciate that. This explains the abundance of companies that use an automated pre-recorded message to greet their callers. If you want to improve conversion rates from customer phone calls, you need to improve their experience. It really is as simple as that. Call Sumo provides the technology to listen to conversations between sales personnel and callers. You can then analyze common factors of calls that didn’t convert to sales.

It’s helpful to think of every phone call as an opportunity to obtain customer feedback. By listening carefully, you can hear and notate common objections. With this list in mind, you can work on improving your company’s bottom line.

Phone Calls and Sales Conversions

If you’re like most small business owners, you have established your website to generate leads via phone calls. That means calls are an essential touchpoint in the path to customer conversion. Touchpoint is a place in the marketing channel at which a customer interacted with your brand. This can happen at any time before, during, or after he or she completed a conversion on your company’s website.

Identifying touchpoints is essential because it allows you to gain insight into the journey your customer took during a conversion. When you identify touchpoints after the conversion, it gives you better understanding into your customer’s level of satisfaction. Websites that sell high-dollar items online rely on customer phone calls to complete the conversion. By treating each phone call as a touchpoint, it becomes an essential aspect of multi-channel approach to marketing.

Tracking Your Customer Phone Calls

When you set up your website to generate leads via telephone calls, it’s essential to tie each call to its proper traffic source. This allows you to see which keywords and marketing channels are driving calls and which are not. With this information, you can increase or decrease your marketing budget in specific areas. Without call tracking, you’re just guessing on what produces results. This can be a costly game of trial and error.