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How far most get you


How far Call Sumo gets you

Allow me to explain

I recently realized that when I say Call Tracking and when others in the Dental Industry say Call Tracking, we’re talking about different things! It may not sound like a big deal at first glance, but I’ve spoken with CEOs of other Call Tracking companies in the Dental Space and they said, “Wow, that’s pretty cool, but that’s not what we mean by call tracking”. This is understandable because they approach call tracking as keeping track of how your calls are being handled, and it’s a perfectly fine thing to do. They may even throw in some analytics here and there. But, I have to emphasize:  “We don’t do the same things”.

Old School Call Tracking

Old School Call Tracking

You may not be using a typewriter, but “vanity metrics” along with hours of phone calls you have to listen to, you might as well dust off the old typewriter and tabulate your Call Data.

Call Sumo Call Tracking

When we think of Call Tracking, we think of a Quantitative, Scientific way of measuring your marketing.  That include bots, some application of Artificial Intelligence and Integrations into your existing software to Automate the tedious process of doing it all by hand.  Which would you rather have on your side, a typist or a scientist?

Our Version of Call Tracking
call tracking healthcare

Most dentists I’ve spoken to also seem to think that Call Tracking tells you basic information such as:

  • how many calls you got,
  • where they’re coming from,
  • call recording,
  • so you can hold your staff accountable for not handling the calls appropriately.

I’ve spoken with dentists who were really thinking of call tracking just as a way of making their front desk more efficient at converting patients. But to be honest, that’s just the tip of the Iceberg. For Call Sumo Call Tracking is the missing piece to having your business do marketing like Amazon does! It’s not just about knowing how many calls came in, but knowing which ones are new patients, leads, how much a particular call lead spent at your practice vs one from another marketing channel. It’s a statistical/scientific way of approaching, tweaking and improving your marketing!

Here are some things to consider:

  • Who cares if you have 300 calls or 1000 clicks, aren’t you really looking for patients?
  • Could the 300 calls include 250 existing patients who simply googled your name?
  • Do you really have the time to listen to all 300 calls only to realize 20 of them were actual calls from marketing you paid for?

What’s Analytics Got to Do With it?

So, our view of Call Tracking is that it’s the missing Analytics system that can help you connect the dots, thru and thru. Call Sumo integrates with your Practice Management System to make them more intelligent. It uses your PMS data every time a call comes in. Call Sumo understands if it’s a new patient or an existing one, it can even tell when marketers are the ones calling who just might be calling to bother you. The system is built to automatically be able to tell which calls are good and which ones aren’t so you don’t have to listen to every single call.

Other call tracking systems might tell you how many calls you got from your Newspaper marketing, vs online. Call Sumo can tell you how many of those calls were by new potential customers who found your business vs an existing customer who might simply be looking you up on Google. This small but critical piece of insight results in a much different and clearer view of your Marketing. And then the system get’s even smarter…

Did you say smarter?

Yup, Call Sumo is even more powerful than that. It can help you identify effective marketing campaigns, but it can also help you track where you sales funnel might be broken. Think your front desk needs to take course on phone etiquette? Call Sumo can tell you definitively based on your conversion ratio. The truth is, it’s more subtle than that, it may turn out that what your front desk needs isn’t a training seminar, but maybe an assistant who can answer the phone when he or she is already on the phone. You’d be surprise how many calls go to the voicemail during the daytime.

Once you’ve used Call Sumo to smooth out your sales funnel like a well oiled machine, you can then rely on Call Sumo to help you get important numbers like your Cost per Acquisition. Better yet, you can even tell how much each of the advertising strategies actually making you, no BS, just straight bottom line numbers. And just like that, Call Tracking then goes from being an ancillary tool to being the indispensable resource for a business in competitive markets.

I know it sounds like a sales piece, but I believe every word of what I say… What do you think of when you think of Call Tracking?