As a marketing executive, no one needs to convince you of the importance of call intelligence. It’s your boss who needs to get with the program, despite you showing him or her how much having call intelligence could increase your return on investment (ROI). Before you approach your boss only to get shut down again, read this guide so you can go in the next time with indisputable facts. You will also be able to demonstrate that this is an investment worth making.

Your Audience Isn’t Becoming Mobile, They’re Already There

Stating that mobile phone use increases every year seems to be an obvious statement, but we have figures to back it up. Currently, the penetration of smartphone use in the United States is at 75 percent. By this time next year, it should climb to 85 percent. More smartphones mean more phone calls for your business. Industry analysts already predict that 2018 will see 73 billion calls made to U.S. businesses after a potential lead located the information via smartphone. If those numbers don’t impress your boss, try these:

  • Phone calls bring conversion rates that range from 30 to 50 percent. When a customer clicks through to your site, you’re lucky to hit a conversion rate of two percent.
  • Nearly half of all inbound calls to businesses come by way of mobile search.
  • More calls simply means more revenue. Three years ago, online marketers collected $2.2 billion in proceeds from sales that started as an inbound phone call.

You can’t afford to ignore a mobile audience that is getting larger every year. Call intelligence not only gives you greater visibility, it enables you to optimize and track inbound customer phone calls as well.

It Won’t Take Long to See an Increase in Company Profit

If there’s one thing all bosses care about, it’s the bottom line. Call intelligence increases it. In fact, you can collect actionable data from the first day you use the system. At Call Sumo, we employ marketing and training experts who will get you up and running right away. There’s no waiting for next month’s report to see results either. This is what you can expect almost immediately after installation:

  • Higher call volume: Are you ready for a call volume increase of nearly 30 percent? This is what will happen with call intelligence from CallSumo. This equals an individual growth rate that exceeds 200 percent.
  • Higher conversion rates: How does an immediate conversion rate averaging 26 percent sound to you?
  • Better ROI: No business likes to spend money, but you must spend it to earn it. With our call intelligence software, you could see an average 47 percent increase on ROI.

Improve the Value of Every Marketing Channel

The purpose of call intelligence is three-fold: to drive more sales and conversions as well as attract more prospective high-value customers. Call intelligence affects each of your company’s marketing programs, including paid search, email, affiliate links, mobile searches, and offline searches. This enables each of them to become more powerful because call intelligence spurs both online and offline customer interactions.

When you don’t have call intelligence, you miss the chance to reap the benefit of the minefield of data provided by phone calls and the potential revenue they can bring. It also allows you to view detailed analytics of each call and marketing channel.

Integrate Call Intelligence to Increase the Power of Your Marketing Technology

It’s easy to integrate our call intelligence software with your CRM, bid management, marketing automation, affiliate tracking, and other popular technology tools. Call intelligence adds a new layer of data to managing offline calls and bid management systems. It enables you to know the campaigns that produce the most inbound calls as well as those that underperform. You can link it with Salesforce as well.

With our software program, you can close the gap between phone and digital interactions and integrate it with your existing marketing automation platform. You can also create a new revenue stream by merging with your affiliate call tracking software or performance marketing network.

Keep Your Existing Phone Number and Phone System

We understand that changing a business phone number is a hassle, which is why we allow you to keep your existing number with our program. CallSumo also provides the equipment and instruction you need to generate tracking telephone numbers quickly and control the handling of your inbound calls. We can even port existing tracking numbers into our software program.

As we begin a new year, we hope that we have provided indisputable proof you can share with your boss that now is the right time to embrace all that call intelligence has to offer.