The Internet has been around for almost 25 years, and the phone call and other traditional communication methods haven’t died as some people predicted. Businesses understandably rushed to create an online presence due to the prediction that no one would bother to make a phone call anymore.

Part of this prediction came true because at least two-thirds of people do conduct their background research from their computer or mobile device. People simply prefer the ability to gather data about a potential purchase without the sales pressure that sometimes comes with talking to a representative on the phone or in person.

A recent study conducted by CEB indicates that approximately 57 percent of people buying a product or service make a buying decision before even considering making a phone call. That means you need to get things right when a customer does call to close the deal. Although online forms do send some traffic to businesses, the phone calls they receive conversions 10 times the customers when compared to web forms.

According to a research study published in Forbes Magazine, more than two-thirds of people who complete an online lead form will not receive prompt follow-up from a sales representative. This is unfortunate, especially when you consider that people have the inborn need to interact one-on-one. A delayed or electronic response prevents them from having the experience they desire.

Smartphones Have Increased Call Volume

It might surprise you to learn that many consumers prefer to speak to a live person over the phone rather than complete a purchase or business transaction online. This is one reason that industry insiders predict consumers will make even more calls to businesses in the future than they do right now.

A smartphone makes it easier than ever to contact a business, especially when it has click-to-call enabled. This year, industry analysts predict that consumers will make more than 73 billion calls to businesses using their smartphones. With the incredible growth of phone call volume, businesses that don’t have mobile responsive websites stand to lose a substantial amount of leads.

More than 70 percent of consumers state that they have used the click-to-call feature when placing a call to a business using a mobile phone. Having reached the business website or Google search results, they’re obviously interested in following through with a purchase.

The more you expect a consumer to spend on your product or service, the more important it is to provide them with human interaction to increase the chances of a closed deal. Even though people conduct most research before they call, a bad phone call experience will end the deal on the spot. Although the Internet changed marketing and sales forever, the growth of phone calls proves that they still matter.

How many inbound calls is your business receiving? If you’re not certain of the quality or the quantity, it’s time to start analyzing the calls your business does receive. This helps you know the types of questions and concerns that customers raise most often when they place a call. It also enables you to connect customers to your business.

If you’re not tracking calls yet, we would be happy to help you get started. Please contact Call Sumo today to learn more.