Phone calls to your company provide valuable information when you know how to extract insights that let you know the thought process of your customers. Call Sumo offers software with an automated speech-to-text feature that allows you to do just that. By reviewing these transcripts, you save hours because you no longer need to listen to each call in its entirety to obtain the insights that you seek.

We built our software based on the concept of voice recognition. That means that the program relies on machine transcription technology to provide you with instant results. It would take you or your employees many hours to locate the same information. However, machines don’t always provide completely accurate speech recognition. You know this if you have ever used a device like Alexa, Cortana, or Siri. The good news is that our software ensures you receive the highest quality transcriptions of your calls. Here’s how.

Increase Call Transcription Accuracy with Advanced Recording Feature

Several variable factors can affect the quality of your transcripts, especially those related to recording styles and compression. Call Sumo has worked hard to ensure that you receive the most accurate call transcriptions available by working with these variables.

Most people have heard of stereo recordings that use mono to produce sounds. It might surprise you to learn that these channels can affect phone calls to your business as well. Mono means that the recording platform uses a single channel. Because of this, the technology records and sounds just like you would expect it to in most cases.

The term stereo refers to a two-channel recording, which means that the caller’s speech records from two different speakers. The point of this is to separate two or more speakers to improve the quality of call transcriptions. Dual-channeling recordings have many advantages over mono recordings. The most impressive one is that they can block out background noise on both ends of the conversation so you only hear what is truly important.

What You Can Do to Increase the Quality of Phone Call Transcriptions

While we do our best at CallSumo to ensure the quality of your phone call transcriptions, some things are out of our hands. Here are some tips we recommend that you follow if you’re still struggling to get a clear transcription of the calls to your business:

  • Eliminate background noise on your end: There isn’t anything you can do if the customer calls from a loud background. However, you can make sure to provide a distraction-free environment where calls are received.
  • Accents and lack of clear speaking: Your callers likely come from all parts of the country and world. It may take some time to understand different accents if you’re not accustomed to hearing them. If you feel that members of your team aren’t speaking as clearly as they could, provide them with coaching about ennunciating their words and speaking slowly enough for the person on the other end as well as the recording device to understand.
  • Faulty network connections: Before setting up call recording and transcription, make sure that you have a solid connection. Unfortunately, you’re likely to receive a broken-up, static connection if you decide to set up mobile phones with notoriously spotty service for recording and transcription.

When used correctly, call recording and transcription can make an excellent tool for lead qualification. It allows you to understand what topics interest prospective customers the most as well as the likelihood that a caller will convert into a regular and paying customer. This software program also enables you to obtain significant insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your customer service team so you can provide ongoing coaching.

Please contact us for additional information about establishing call recording and transcription. We will address any concerns you have about call transcription quality at the initial meeting and create a plan to address your issues before going live with the software for the first time.