How Agencies Can Overcome Client Objections to Call Tracking

/How Agencies Can Overcome Client Objections to Call Tracking

How Agencies Can Overcome Client Objections to Call Tracking

Employees of marketing agencies know how valuable it is for their clients to use call tracking software. However, convincing their clients of these benefits can be a whole other story. Perhaps you find yourself in this situation currently and seem stuck at an impasse. Your client’s sales could improve dramatically with call metrics yet he or she resists even considering it.

Some companies even remain resistant when it’s clear that their competitors have gained a strong foothold just by using call tracking. They don’t seem to understand that not implementing call tracking prevents them from knowing the originating source of all non-digital leads. If you could just get your client to agree to a demonstration, you could show convincing proof that the company is allowing too many leads to slip away. In fact, they could see 10 to 15 times the leads by installing call tracking software.

The ability to demonstrate this gives you more value in the client’s eyes. It can also help you improve the marketing efforts you produce on behalf of the company. This includes identifying advertising channels and the most popular keywords driving customer phone calls. Below, we discuss three of the most common objections to call tracking software and what you can say to challenge them.

Clients with a Strict Budget

Clients who have a strict company budget are committed to sticking to them. They didn’t budget for call tracking software, so you may feel like there’s no point in attempting to sell them on the benefits of it.

increase roi call trackingThe first way to approach this objection is to explain to the client that call tracking software makes it possible to prove its own return on investment (ROI). Marketing professionals must constantly prove to their clients that the work they produce meets or exceeds revenue predictions. However, this can be difficult to achieve without the ability to track marketing efforts and client budgets. With the intuitive platform from CallSumo, clients have confidence that they’re capturing all types of traffic. This proves ROI on the spot because it shows exactly how they’re spending every dollar.

Clients Who Seem Unsure and Hesitant

A client may express doubt about implementing call tracking software because they aren’t certain they can justify the expense or that it will produce the results you claim. A lot of clients feel that other priorities must come first, including retaining a high customer satisfaction level and hiring the most talented employees. They see call tracking as something they might do some day, but you don’t sense any urgency about it.

call tracking systemA good way to overcome this client objection is to run a comparison showing the client what it’s really costing the company to delay installing call tracking software. Show the client with facts, figures, and visuals that they’re missing out on collecting valuable data every day that plays an essential role in their business success in the future.

Data is lost every time a call comes into the company that it doesn’t track. The company continues to have no understanding of what got that customer to pick up the phone in the first place. You can help to instill a sense of urgency by focusing on the fact that the company is really operating in the dark with its marketing practices by not knowing this vital information. The truly hesitant customers may eventually come around if you offer them a limited free trial.

Not Understanding What Call Tracking Is

Some of your clients may legitimately have no clue what call tracking is, much less why their company needs it. This can be a unique challenge in these times when many marketing experts assume that phone calls aren’t nearly as important as they were in the pre-Internet era. It’s your job to show them this is only a myth.

call intelligenceFortunately, it’s easy to provide client education about call tracking. The most straightforward way to define it to someone who has never heard of it is to liken it to detective work. The client is trying to solve the case of how customers found their business.

Today’s marketing agency has many tools at their disposal to understand each step of the journey for the online buyer. Unfortunately, customers who decide to place a phone call instead drop off their radar. CallSumo partners with marketers to bridge this gap and leave no data unaccounted for, whether it’s online, offline, or a combination of the two.

You don’t have to feel intimidated when clients voice objections to call tracking software. The objections are perfectly legitimate from their perspective. It’s our goal to help your client see the larger picture, including ROI for the work you already perform for them.

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