Call tracking analytics, or call analytics, is the term used to describe the analysis, collection, and measurement of data from business phone calls. Sales and marketing teams use insights to improve their company’s marketing campaigns and handling of phone calls. Call and website analytics help them understand which campaigns are driving the most qualified leads to their business.

Implementing call tracking from Call Sumo helps small businesses better analyze, manage, and measure the performance of their marketing campaigns to increase return on investment (ROI). Analyzing calls provides essential performance indicators that come from identifying the source or the call and recording it for quality control.

Features of Call Analytics

Call analytics is a valuable tool for any company that utilizes unique telephone numbers as a main call to action. The tool enables small business owners to see which marketing channels drive the most phone calls to their business, whether online or offline. Call recording also gives them greater understanding on the dynamics of every call. Some of the specific features of call analytics include:

Benefits of Call Analytics

By understanding your inbound call quality, you can adjust your campaigns to improve both sales performance and marketing efficiency. Call analytics also saves time because it eliminates the need for manual call management, scoring, and transcription.

In summary, call analytics helps you better understand the profile of your typical customer. Receiving insight regarding behavior and demographics helps you obtain more leads and convert more sales than the competition.