The continued influence of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube has forced companies to tailor marketing strategies for online consumers. Every day around the world, Facebook users post about 4.3 billion messages and YouTube users upload more than four million hours of video content. No matter what the social media channel, it contains invaluable data for marketers.

The increase in data means that companies must use sophisticated business intelligence tools to stay on top of it all. Business intelligence allows you to have insights into consumer decisions that help in making better decisions for your marketing campaigns. Totally ignoring this type of resource will make it harder for you to compete in the global market.

Business intelligence allows tools like Call Sumo for the easy gathering and analysis of extensive data quickly and easily. In comparison it would take a human being hours or days to complete the same function.

Eliminate Guesswork

Prior to the modern digital era, there was a lack of resources for collecting information and feedback on their marketing campaigns. Old marketing tools couldn’t provide the deep insights they needed to understand and target specific customers. That meant that relying on instincts when creating and managing campaigns was essential. Because of this many business owners felt intimidated when it came time to use the data gathered from market research and analysis

Business intelligence eliminates the guesswork in marketing, saving you considerable time, money, and effort on something that feels right instinctually but may still not work.

types of call trackingBusiness intelligence can give you insights from different social media platforms and determine which one provides the highest percentage of conversions. It allows you to see which posts interest viewers the most as well as learn important data about their demographics. With each share, like, click, or purchase that you track, it allows you to see where you’re getting the best online performance. It enables you to know your target market on keyword searches, keyword competition, click-through rates, and similar data. This lets you optimize the budget for your marketing campaigns.

Use Real-Time Analytics to Optimize Online Marketing Campaigns

Today, a good chunk of the population from developed countries get information from social media. With endless incoming new data, existing data can become outdated within days even hours. For this reason, having real-time analytics helps with processing data as it is available. You can then continuously monitor recent data to improving the performance of your marketing campaigns and reduce advertising costs.

real time analyticsWith business intelligence platforms providing real-time information, it’s easy for you to reach your target audience across major social media channels and search engines. The always-current data makes it easier to decide where to increase or decrease spending on advertising.

If you find that some keywords don’t produce your desired traffic or convert visitors into paying customers, with business intelligence you can identify the reasons why your marketing is not working as planned and know if spending a lot of time on a certain social media channel is not profitable for your company. Business intelligence helps you determine which channels are worth investing time and money.

Social Analytics Can Help Marketers Better Understand Consumer Behavior

web analyticsBusiness Intelligence helps you gather information about online mentions, social shares, likes, and comments in a more concise manner. You will know what drives the behavior of your online targeted audience.