Everyone knows that healthcare costs are rising dramatically, but many don’t stop to consider that healthcare administrative costs are as well. Administrators who want to control costs must do so within the confines of HIPAA, the healthcare privacy law passed in 1996. Call tracking is an efficient way to identify which marketing efforts work as well as those that need improvement.

Available Features of Healthcare Call Tracking

Phone calls to a typical business might include questions about a product or an order status update. When patients speak to providers or their representative by phone, they may need to discuss highly sensitive personal health information. The challenge with call tracking is to tie phone calls to a specific telephone number without being able to identify the patient who made the call.

Call Sumo has risen to the challenge of allowing healthcare clients to retrieve the data they need while still following HIPAA mandates. Here are three call tracking features that offer great benefits to healthcare administrators:

Security Features for Healthcare Administrators

hipaaAll private health information (PHI) must be encrypted under the mandates of HIPAA. We use secure socket layers (SSL) to encrypt the entire call tracking platform. We also offer different levels of access for staff members depending on their responsibilities in the organization. The software automatically determines whether the information someone is trying to access is necessary to fulfill his or her job duties.

Healthcare is a business just like anything else. With Call Sumo call tracking, you can take your healthcare business to the next level.