Artificial intelligence (AI) may sound impersonal, but it gets to know people’s habits and preferences quickly. Far from being cold and impersonal, AI creates a unique, tailored experience for each user. Today’s gadgets behave much more like personal assistants than simply another form of tech. Modern devices can watch a user’s personal calendar, send reminders to take medication, motivate people to exercise, and so much more. If AI developers have their way, these 21st century personal assistants will soon be able to analyze a user’s purchasing habits and provide even greater personalized options.

Count on AI Affecting How Customers Interact with Brands

The fact that AI will change how healthcare marketers work is without question. The real thing to focus on is how patients use AI to research medical information and follow up with making an appointment or purchase with your business. Whether you realize it or not, AI already affects how you market your healthcare organization’s products, services, and software.

Consider how your SaaS healthcare marketing team keeps up with new releases and innovations and customer relation management (CRM) software. Additionally, it uses AI to come up with new strategies that unite the marketing and sales teams. These things go on behind the scenes primarily due to algorithms used by Google. Here are additional indications that AI is here to stay:

  • According to a report released by Bloomberg, AI reached a level of break-through in 2015. Since then, its use has rapidly increased due to neural networks, investments, cloud computing, and in-depth research.
  • In December 2016, the marketing organization Digital stated that the market for AI is expected to reach $5.1 billion dollars by the end of this decade. That is a whopping 54 percent increase from 2015.
  • eMarketer estimates that companies will spend more money on digital ads than television ads by 2020.

Despite these predictions, searching engine optimization (SEO) isn’t going anywhere. It remains an essential element of marketing success today and in the future.

If You Want to Remain Competitive, Invest in Inbound Marketing and Sales

There’s no doubt that marketing will change as AI continues to evolve. Even so, sales and inbound marketing are still essential for your company’s success. This starts with studying buyer personas and utilizing the deep information they contain. Your company simply can’t provide customers with what they need if they don’t understand what motivates them.

AI and Healthcare MarketingAs devices equipped with AI learn more about a user’s searching and purchasing habits, it will soon understand the online content that he or she likes and doesn’t like. However, it goes far beyond that. The personal assistants of tomorrow will quickly learn the styles, voices, and word choices that keep a user engaged with a specific topic or page as well as what gets him or her to spend money. The personal assistant will continually search and present the user with personalized content that matches his or her habits and preferences. Busy people will appreciate not having to spend time inputting different keyword phrases to hit on what they need.

Takeaways for Digital Marketers

To stay ahead of the competition, digital marketers must learn the intricacies of buyer personas and the habits of their customers. This is essential to building a strong brand presence on the Internet. The more you know your customers’ preferences, the greater the likelihood their personal assistant will send them information that leads them to your company’s website.

It’s also important to diversity content sent to customers. After all, they have more interests than shopping. They also enjoy sports, reading, vacationing, and many other casual pursuits. To achieve this, your company may have to invest money in enlarging its content bandwidth.

You probably spend a lot of time looking at data that tells you which type of your company’s content performs the best. However, your ongoing success depends on knowing why people choose one type of content over another. AI enables you to do this with minimal effort. With these insights, you can develop the perfect content for each customer exactly when he or she needs to see it.

Another essential element to your success is keeping up with new developments in analytics tools like AI and CRM. This enables you to improve your content and ensure that the right person – or their digital assistant – sees it. If your healthcare organization’s SaaS marketing group isn’t keeping abreast of current sales trends, now is the perfect time to change that. Call Sumo is here to help you take advantage of this amazing technology.