Many small business owners feel confused about how to start with call tracking. They also don’t fully grasp the benefits to expect from it. Call Sumo’s call tracking software provides you with an incredible amount of information about response to your company’s marketing efforts.

The four tips below outline the best ways to start with call tracking, but first it’s important to understand it. We offer this service to help you determine which marketing campaigns produce the most leads via the telephone. By identifying the best marketing sources, you can allocate additional funds to them and improve the ones not working as well.

Use Your CRM to Capture and Rate Your Leads

Consumers are more likely to make a telephone inquiry when a company’s product or service is high quality, a large dollar amount, or complex. Examples include automotive, financial, healthcare, legal, and travel services as well as luxury goods.

It’s important to consider the phone inquiries as the valuable leads that they are. Unfortunately, many companies don’t capture or classify these leads properly in the CRM system because it can be quite challenging to do so. Historically, businesses have not captured lead source information with telephone calls in the same way they do when a customer fills out an online form. Our call tracking software program makes it possible to do this.

By classifying the lead, you can allocate the lead source of your data to print, organic, or PPC as well as keyword and call referrer. This gives your company complete and instant information about its phone leads, including the marketing source that drove them.

How to Associate Sales Revenue and Telephone Leads

After capturing a phone lead and classifying it accurately, it’s easy to continue tracking the lead all the way through your management system. A lead typically progresses to an opportunity and then a closed call as either a win or loss. The benefits of classified leads include:

  • Understanding the keyword, source, and offline advertisements that created inbound customer inquiries and subsequent conversions
  • Understanding how online and telephone leads compare
  • Determining the most effective and ineffective lead sources

Get a Better Handle on You Marketing Budget

We understand that return on investment (ROI) is very important to your company. After all, no one wants to spend money on advertising that doesn’t convert. Call tracking makes it easy to see where you generate more marketing dollars as well as which marketing campaigns may need to be revisions or elimination.

One of the most important metrics to consider is cost per response (CPR). It’s important to track this metric carefully since it costs a lot to obtain a new customer. The biggest cost of acquisition is advertising. You also need to consider that it still costs money to convert prospects to paying customers when they came to you as a free referral. Our call tracking software program allows you to sort each expense by the cost per response. You can sort by keyword, source, channel of offline advertisement, and much more.

Continue to Monitor Your Outsourced Providers

Like many business owners, you probably outsource several of your services. This is convenient, but it can be challenging to monitor the quality of these outsourced providers. With call tracking, you can do exactly that. We recommend starting with the following:

  • Search Agency/PPC Performance: Since you’re paying for quality leads, you need call tracking to monitor your PPC and search agency performance. Call Sumo’s program allows you to do this.
  • After-hours telephone answering and recording: With our software, you can determine how quickly your outsourced service provider answers the phone and play back every call it receives to determine quality.

If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, contact Call Sumo to learn how to implement these strategies today.