Did you know that more than 40 percent of patients who used their smartphone to research hospitals followed through with scheduling an appointment? When it comes to mobile optimization, some healthcare providers remain behind the times. According to Google, no business can afford to stay that way. In a recent report, it stated that people in 10 different countries conduct searches on their mobile phone more than they do on computers. With these numbers in mind, it’s worth considering whether your healthcare organization does enough to attract and convert people searching on their mobile phone.

The Importance of Tracking Inbound Calls

mobile conversionsEven though people use a smartphone to search more often, conversion rates from these searches remain below that of tablets and desktop computers. One reason is that most marketers depend on analytics from their website to determine the devices used by their visitors as well as their conversion rates. Unfortunately, this doesn’t provide a complete picture. What web analytics lacks is that it can’t inform you of the number of calls coming from your email campaigns, website, and display advertising. That’s why you need call intelligence and analytics from Call Sumo.

Why Do Mobile Visitors Leave or Convert?

You can’t increase mobile conversions unless you understand the following about these visitors:

  • How they discovered your business website
  • The pages they view on the site
  • Why they leave the site
  • What you would prefer them to do while there

People typically don’t interact with the web on their smartphones in the same manner they do with a desktop. They tend to visit a healthcare website via a mobile phone for a specific purpose. This could be to look up additional information about a condition or to locate a telephone number so they can schedule an appointment.

Track and Analyze Your Conversions from Mobile Calls and Search Results

Conversion rates don’t always tell the whole story. With the huge increase in phone calls that originate from mobile search, it’s important to understand the significance of inbound phone calls. With our call tracking software, you can obtain exceptionally detailed data about each lead that comes in via a phone call. That person never even has to visit your healthcare website. Our program allows you to do the following:

  • mobile conversionsDetermine the campaign that lead to the call and the ultimate conversion
  • See the ads, ad groups, and keywords coming from the search engine results page and then use this information to change your list of keywords and optimize your campaigns for AdWords
  • Analyze each call according to channel, department, duration, location, or other metrics and obtain deeper insights into how mobile callers behave

Mobile searches will only increase in the coming years. The journey each user takes will become more complex and require more analytics to understand. Your company could miss out if it doesn’t optimize the call experience for mobile users. Please contact Call Sumo to learn more about how you can take this necessary step to remaining competitive in a world that’s always connected.