Call tracking is a simple concept that your company can use in a variety of advertising campaigns. It allows you to compare clicks and calls as well as measure the effectiveness of your offline and online marketing. Although call tracking provides highly detailed metrics to help evaluate the effective of marketing campaigns, many companies fail to use it for their social media platforms.

Call Sumo’s call tracking software is an effective solution of any size of business. Those on the small and medium end of the spectrum tend to rely on advertising methods such as targeted paid ads in their local market, billboards, printed ads, and local listings. However, it’s important to engage with their social media accounts to help establish trust with the local community in an online format.

What many small business owners fail to realize is that social media is its own form of advertising and marketing. That means it also needs monitoring to determine return on investment (ROI). Here is how we recommend integrating call tracking with your social media accounts so you can see how well they contribute to the financial success of your business.

How to Evaluate the ROI of Each Social Network

social media marketingTo determine how many calls your company receives after someone views its profile on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, you just need to assign a unique telephone number to each account. It’s common for business owners to consider their social media success by counting things like comments, likes, and shares. However, that doesn’t provide a complete picture. With our call tracking software, you can see how many calls came from each network. If you receive the fewest calls from the largest network, it’s worth your time to find out why.

Improve Engagement with Your Social Media Audience

Businesses must take care with their social media not to post too many sales pitches because that can turn people off. After all, the purpose of social media is to build online relationships by appearing friendly, available, and approachable. Working in a call to action (CTA) is fine if you do it in a friendly way. For example, you can word the CTA “feel free to contact us with additional questions.” By providing a tracking number with the CTA, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your social media posts.

Record Calls of Your Online Community

social media marketingHave you ever wondered what your online followers really think of your company? It’s easy to find out with our call recording feature called sentiment analysis, which informs you of what people following your social media accounts post about your company. We take it a step further by tracking calls made from each page. If customers from one social media page call to lodge complaints more than those on other pages, it alerts you to the fact that you need to provide more information on that account.

Tie Leads with Organic Searches

To uncover these details, you need a unique phone number for each social media channel. You also have the option of choosing a single number for Google Places. When displaying this number in the SERP, it should go next to your business address, hours of availability, and local map.

The benefit of organizing your company details in such a clear manner is that it can draw clicks away from the highest search engine results. This allows you to see if a customer inquiry came from one of your social media accounts or through organic search.

Attribute Sales and Leads More Accurately

If one of your social media followers clicks a link to your company website prior to calling, it still counts as a social success. We recommend tracking your calls at the source level. This enables you to see the source of the social media visitor. It also displays the corresponding telephone number to the visitor as he or she views your website. That means Facebook gets the lead attribution as the source that the customer originally came through before calling your company.

Our call tracking and recording software gives you a much more accurate picture of what drives people to call your business. The only way to get an entirely accurate view is to include your social media accounts. This allows you to improve customer service by showing you what your audience responds to and what it ignores. It also makes it easier to establish the tone for each social media platform.

Up until now, you didn’t know what you have been missing. Now that you see the benefits of determining social media ROI, we would love to give you a demonstration of our call tracking and recording software programs.