Your mother always told you to be humble and not vain. However, we give you permission to break this rule when it comes to vanity phone numbers.

Understanding a Custom Phone Number

It you have ever wanted a marketing strategy that’s truly unbeatable, you can’t go wrong with vanity phone numbers. Also called custom phone numbers, these are unique alphanumeric combinations that you use in place of a typical telephone number. The custom telephone number spells out a word, making it easier for your customers and prospects to remember. For example, a florist might have a vanity number of 1-800-FLOWERS. Another take-off on a custom phone number is to request repetitive numbers that are easy for people to remember. An example here would be 800-333-2222.

Besides being memorable for your customers, vanity phone numbers are customizable and personal. You alone get to chose what it is as long as no one else requested the same phone number before you. Typically, a custom phone number starts with 800, 888, or another toll-free variation. However, you can check with your local phone company to see if a vanity number with a local prefix is available.

Even if people only hear your custom phone number one time, they’re likely to remember it. The phone number can even help to explain your service or product. This type of phone number gives you a professional image, builds your brand, and increases your rate of inbound calls significantly.

Is a Vanity Number Right for You?

Nearly every type of business, regardless of size, can benefit from a vanity phone number. It allows you to increase your call rate and level of inbound activity. A vanity number is even more helpful if you already conduct a lot of business over the telephone. Since you rely on traffic from phone calls to meet sales goals, purchasing a vanity number will only increase your opportunity for conversions. This is also an ideal option for companies with locations across the country because a single phone number unites all the branches while reducing marketing costs and building a unifying strategy.

If you use billboard advertising, vanity phone numbers are the only way to go. No driver is going to remember the phone number otherwise. This is also true of print and online advertisements. With an attention span measuring in seconds, you need a unique way to get the average consumer to remember you.

More Benefits to Consider

This is one of the simplest ways to get a message out to customers about who you are and what your business does. It also tells them that they can get a hold of you quickly. The payoffs are nearly instant as well. Think of how many advertisements consumers see every day. It’s so many that they forget most of them within seconds. A recent study from Yankelovich, Inc., a well-respected marketing agency, estimates that people see 5,0000 ads every single day. There’s no way you can stand out unless you invest in a custom phone number. It makes you look savvy and unique as well.

You want customers to call you, so you need to make it easy for them. With a vanity phone number already in their mind, it’s that much simpler to do. It’s an easy strategy on your part to increase the number of incoming phone calls to your company. Data from Yankelovich, Inc. suggests that you can increase inbound calls by up to 50 percent and that 75 percent of consumers exposed to your vanity phone number will remember it.

It’s an obvious statement, but more phone calls mean more sales and greater revenue. Customers that arrive at your company this way are more likely to follow through with purchasing a product or service than those who saw an ad in an email or online campaign. They’re already very interested in the product or service and just need answers to a few questions before completing the transaction. If you want a piece of that action and desire to stay ahead of your competitors, signing up for a customized phone number is one of the easiest ways you can achieve these goals.

How to Get a Custom Phone Number for Your Business

We hope that you’re convinced of the need for a vanity phone number. When you’re ready to reap these incredible benefits, just contact Call Sumo to get it set up. Don’t worry if you’re not sure exactly which custom phone number you want to request. An account manager will learn more about you and your business and then suggest a unique and memorable phone number that your customers will love.