As the owner of a business that depends on phone calls to bring in revenue, you already know that some words and phrases are more lucrative than others. Words and phrases all have a different value, at least when your company is attempting to sell products or service by phone.

Research has proven many times that having call center agents use certain words and phrases helps to convert people just making an inquiry into paying customers.  That’s why knowing which words and phrases receive the most positive reactions naturally leads to prospects providing you with greater details about what they need. It’s not an overstatement to say that the ability to identify the most useful words and phrases can either close the deal or break it.

Correct Words and Phrases Especially Useful for Franchises

A franchise can only make money if it provides each franchisee with the sales tools they need for maximum effectiveness and to create an especially strong image of the brand they’re trying to sell. Call Sumo offers an analytic technology tool that uncovers the most common words and phrases customers use that express their intent to follow through with a purchase. The software program also comes with built-in upsell and cross-sell opportunities by using sales scripts with the following capabilities:

  • Provides guidelines to help move customers through each unique stage of the sales process pre-established by the franchisor
  • Gives call center agents the ability to speak in the brand voice of the franchisor consistently
  • Provides agents with insight to know why a customer has chosen to place a call before ever picking up the phone

Words such as appointment are a good indication of a possible sales conversion immediately or in the future. It typically means that the customer or prospect intends to visit the store in person to obtain more information about the product or service under consideration. Our speech analytics software provides search transcription capability that gives franchisors deep insights about customer intent. We recommend that you enable it among all call center agents at all locations.

Call Sumo’s program also allows you to search for any specific word or phrase among all call records to uncover trend data and actionable insights that go along with them. As a franchisor, this information empowers you to provide your agents with scripts that identify customer intentions in advance as well as set them up to close the deal. Your franchisees and call center agents now have the power to delight your prospects and customers, turning them into enthusiastic ambassadors for your brand.

At Call Sumo, we’re prepared to help you take your business to the next level with a range of analytic services that you can employ on every phone call. From call recording to tracking to recognition of key phrases and words, we make it simple for you to gain the insights you need to meet the needs of your customers before they even express them. After all, you don’t just want callers, you want conversions. Please schedule a a free demo with our company to learn more about how to make that happen.