Computers are useful tools, but they will never possess the human touch. It turns out this is what people truly want and the one element that can close a deal most effectively. What that means for your business is that phone call quality and optimization matter. They have a direct impact on your revenue. It’s essential that you get customers to call your business and to keep them on the phone and satisfied once they do.

In a recent study conducted by Conversion Sciences, the company outlined best practices for optimizing phone calls. We trust the results completely as Conversion Sciences has worked with hundreds of companies to help them find their phone call conversion sweet spots.

Create a Great Offer to Optimize the Phone Call

optimizing phone callsMaking promises to customers is part of an effective marketing strategy, but it only goes so far. You must keep those promises to endure people to your business for the long haul. Making a valid offer is the first step in building trust with your client base.

Consider that people looking for a solution to a pressing problem will find your company and consider its products or services as one possible way to solve their issue. This is due to the link or ad the prospective customer followed to learn more about a possible solution. Since he or she took the time to follow the ad or link, you must uphold your end of the bargain by following through with a promise or solution.

If you promote an ad that offers a service or product free or at a reduced price, you need to ensure that each prospective customer ends up at a landing page that explains the deal in more detail. In other words, your ad and landing page need to align. If they don’t, your potential new customer will develop an instant dislike of your company and not follow through with placing a call.

When you’re attempting to optimize phone calls, be certain that your call to action or offer requests that people call to receive it. Don’t forget to add emotion to inspire a sense of urgency to call your company right away. A message such as “complete this form” or “call us today” gets the message across, but it’s boring. Remember that people act on emotion far more often than they act on logic.

Choose Where to Place Your Call to Action Carefully

You’re coming along nicely if you have an offer that’s aligned, clear, and makes an emotional appeal. However, you still need to create a powerful call to action and place it prominently in the headline of your ad. Don’t be afraid to make it bold, large, and in the middle. It only makes sense that your offer will be more successful when it really stands out to people.

optimizing phone calls

We also recommend repeating the offer a second time about three-quarters of the way down the page so people see it again while they scroll. Don’t forget to put your company’s telephone number in a place where people would look for it such as in the footer and the upper right-hand corner. If you intend to optimize your ad on a mobile website, it should remain at the top as a sticky header so people don’t lose sight of it while scrolling.

Bring All Elements into Harmony

While you obviously need to post your company telephone number so people can call you, optimizing a web page involves a lot more than that. All other page elements, such as the design and font, should encourage visitors to place a call to learn more about your offer. Make sure that you run several A/B tests to see which forms on your website cause a direct increase in calls. Feel free to change things like menu styles and photos to see if it makes an impact on call volume.

Additionally, consider adding page elements that put people’s minds at ease with whatever sales objections might be holding them back from making a purchase. For example, a link about interest-free financing options for cosmetic dentistry services should inspire most people interested in them to keep exploring their options further. If a certain element doesn’t produce the uptick in calls that you expected, don’t be afraid to continually tweak it until it does.

Measuring Your Sales Conversion Rate is the Most Useful Metric

You probably use several different types of metrics to determine the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. The most common ones include number of calls received, time spent on each page of the website, engagement rate, and click-through rate. While this provides you with valuable information, don’t forget the most important metric of all. That would be your sales conversion rate.

The reason your sales conversion rate is most important is that it provides you with the most accurate gauge for your return on investment. To arrive at this figure, you need to consider the volume of phone calls received as well as the quality of each call. However, it’s only possible to obtain this information with advanced software for call tracking available from Call Sumo. The small investment is well worth the data you receive in return that enables you to make informed marketing decisions now and in the future.

With our advanced call tracking software enabled, you can test various headlines as well as ads, calls to action, keywords, and offers to determine which of them provides the greatest return of your advertising dollar. One of the most impressive features of our program is that each user experience, whether it’s an ad, webpage, or offer, has a unique tracking number assigned to it. That means CallSumo’s tracking software associates the phone number with a specific touchpoint and can tell you the exact lead that generated the call.

Because our call tracking software program is already integrated with platforms such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics, you can quickly access every metric you need to make the best decisions for your marketing campaigns. We would be happy to arrange a demonstration at your convenience.